Thursday, April 15, 2010

Full Wednesday!

This morning started early, I had two listings to do and take pics of two other listings, got two offers and listed two homes, guess it was a day of twos:) You never know in this business what your day holds, showed property till 8ish then went to Mother’s to check on them. I was really struggling with seeing Walt, I decided it was because I figured he would reject me and no one likes rejection:) but to my surprise he was kind and thankful I came and brought them fried pork chops for their dinner tomorrow night.  I was relieved to find him in a nicer frame of mind:) they seemed to be doing ok, mother ask Walt if they had dinner and he said yes:( so I hope they had.  Just hard to know what to do, I did send the wills to my friend who is an attorney, Kay’s friend never called me back with any advice after I broke my neck to get the wills to him:( but thats ok cause I know my friend and trust her.  I am going to be married 38 years the 27th of April and I am sooooooo excited we are going to Panama City Beach Florida that day till Sunday!! Yea, I have needed the ocean!! Plus the time with Steve will be wonderful!   Tomorrow afternoon after my board meeting we are going to Hannah’s for the night:) Blake is potty trained now:) I am going to get him some big boy underwear:)  Have to take some pics of her home for you.  Jared and Jenn have their home looking beautiful, their paint colors are just stunning with their furniture, I love having them there, I am getting to see the girls so much more, Steve is teaching Peyton to go around with him when he is doing things, she gets hot and comes in:)) typical girl:)) he says he will get her trained……hummmm.  I am enjoying them!! Well of to bed, I am a sleepy head…….38 years of marriage blog is in the making:) hugs and nite

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