Monday, April 26, 2010

On the road again….YEA

I have had a fun weekend with Miss Amelia:) she can play the piano, at just six months:) west j 007 she is so smart!  I had open house Sunday at the Chenalwoods Condo’s and was so busy, got three possible clients!  Never sat down form 2-5:30!  Too many people to even work, but it was a great sunny day with a lot of people out!  Then wrote a offer and went home and got my suitcase and left for the ocean!!  I will be there in about a hour!  I actually worked a offer at 2am this morning, my buyer is a nurse and was up:)) Its one you bid on so we wanted to get a bid in ASAP:) I will still be taking my calls this week but it will be nice to be looking at the ocean while I take them, I have some extra legs in NLR:) and they are pretty legs too!! I will post some pics of the ocean once I sleep some and start my day, think we will go to Pinapplewillllies for dinner!  I got a neat big dish in cracker barrel for my anniversary from Steve….I love it!! It is wrapped till Tuesday then he will give it to me:))) Well best go and nag aviate for the driver….hugs and have a great DAY!

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