Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday and Sleepy

Anna on Apachie:)

Yesterday was full of emotions for me and of course I woke today with a stiff neck and headache:((( It started with work, which was not the stress, then went to see and attorney concerning mother and Walt, then my dear friend Dinah texted me and told me Kenadi was not going to make it,t his is the precious baby I have ask you to pray for, Steve and I went to the hospital, Dinah heart is breaking and Kenadi is so pitiful looking, she is extremely critical and needs major prayer and a miracle of healing from the Lord. Then we went to mother's to talk to them, this was intense and heated and stressful,mother of course has not understanding and Walt wants to be responsible for her care, she weighs 90 pounds and neither can remember to take their meds., Walt does not see the problem if mother misses her meds., he will not move next door due to the fact mother will depend on Kay and I more then him and over the years he feels she has chosen us over him, we are bossy:) and he is probably right but needless to say she and he both need major help. The end result of our meeting was good, he will do a POA and we will start going through paper work and things so Kay and I will know what is going on with them, so it is a step, I am not sure moving them right now is the answer but it would be so much easier for Kay and I, but its really not bout us:) I came home and went straight to bed, mentally exhausted, I worry about Kay, this is so hard emotionally, Walt wants mother there on any talks and if we say what is real then I know it hurts her feelings and she will say I do not have a problem with my memory and I can still do sad. I am getting into a support group for Alzheimer's, at the hospital Dinah's brother in law David helped me see some things, his father died with Alzheimer's. Today I got up ate a little soup, then took a zirtec and went back to bed, I slept till 2:00pm!! My head still hurt, it is better now, maybe all the cigarette smoke. Sarah is bring Cole and Anna by, Sean is taking Anna to ride and Cole and Blake and Olivia will stay with me:) I am looking forward to chillin with them, they make my heart happy and right now it is sad. I guess I need to cry but its not there yet, when it comes I will let it out so I will not have headaches:)))) On a good note, Hannah told me Jared and Jenn may move next door, I will love that!! I still can not even think about Hannah and Mark moving, I am such a tiddy baby:(((( I was thinking the other day and I am so enmeshed in my children that it is hard to know where I began and they end, think I need to revisit the boundaries book:) Keep praying for baby Kenadi:)

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