Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hiding in a shadow......

This will be on a serious note for my for some reason I have had some serious thoughts and some meanings that I feel the Lord has shown me through out the day. First in church this am.....Scott told of a service man who had been on a ship with his crew in Iceland, the ship wrecked and they were all stranded, help came but could only take two, the Captain said he would stay with his men, and they said you have to go, you are the only one who could get help back out here through all the ice, so they went back, Before he left he told his men He would be back for them, when he got back it was hard for him to get the funds and get back to get them he did all he knew and they got a ship to go back, it could not make it, he failed in going back eight times, they said they are all dead by now but he said he had to go back and try so the ninth time they made it, the men were all there alive and packed and ready to go, the people on the ship were amazed, they ask how did you know we were coming today? They said they had packed daily and waited, because the Captain said he would return for them. this is true story. Now my point is Jesus said, He was coming back for us , do we really believe that? If so, do we live like it? Have we done all we could do so our friends and loved ones are ready???????? heavy! The next thing I was walking beside Steve and looking in a store window, I could see our shadows, I got right next to Steve to see if his shadow would hide mine, had I lost enough weight? Yes, I had all you could see was his body in the that point I thought of God hiding us in the Shadow of His wing, being Hid means no one can see you, you can not see your self, this had such meaning to me today because I am seeing my self in all my family changes and it hurts my heart, I do not want to have to make calls for Walt and mother with out them understanding, I do not want Hannah and Mark to move, I do not want this to be to much for my sister Kay emotionally with mother and Walt. I do not want Kenadi to die. I do not want April 1st to come and me miss Wyatt Averitt. In being in God's shadow, I do not see me or them, He does and He can handle it for me and I just stay so close to Him that I only see Him....this goes with the scripture, things on earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace. Now some how I still carry out the plans on earth to help in these things and then trust Him to give me the grace and mercy to get through all the changes. I am asking the Lord to just keep me in His shadow as I walk through these changes, that I would walk so close to Him I can not see me:) One thing for sure it would not matter on my weight loss walking in the Lord's Shadow:))) He would always cover me. The part in being hid by someone's shadow is staying real close to them...........................that is where we find our joy, peace, strength and reason for being. It also helps you make the correct steps, when you can see your self your not in His shadow. It will take our eyes off our self, will I cry, yes, will I be sad, yes, will I make it???? YES! Because God is faithful to hide me in the Shadow of His wings! AM I ready for it Alllllll????? NO! But I know that I know that I know my Savior lives and He lives in me! I will hide in His Shadow! You can hide there to!

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