Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lord Help where have I been??

My dear friend Pam ask me last night when I was going to blog, that it had been a week and what was the deal????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????? I have been busy and much has happened in a week but I will try to retrace it.....scary thought!! The week started with me writing offers and listing some houses, which is great, had two big deal fall out like about 9000 in commission:(((( grrrrrrrr! The short sell house I have that I worked my butt off on has a child support judgement and the ex will not accept particle payment so the house will be sold at the court house steps...........then the one I had that Alicia sold her buyers homes appraised low and their buyer backed out of the deal......real estate! Mother has had a bad week, she has put a face wash on her face and it is all burned, Walt took her to the Dr. without calling Kay or myself:((( and then it continued to get worse so Kay took her back to the Dr. it is a little better but still bad so pray for her she is miserable, with Alzheimer's she will not remember what is wrong with it and just is miserable, the Dr. gave her steroids hot and a z pac and some zanax to help with her anxiety. Now at the Dr. any time she is brought in they will call Steve, Kay or I. We will have no choice but to do something to get them the help and direction they need. Walt is just set in his ways and wants to be home and that may not be possible without outside help now. Wlat has dememita and is a invalid his self. Then we had a family er with Steve's sister and her grandson, his name is Ben so keep him in your prayers, he really needs them. Patsy lives in Tenn., we met them in Mississippi to try to help them out and bare some of their burden. I have not seen my Peyton, Laila or Mika in over a week! I did see miss Amelia MOnday but I had been at mothers and smelled like a cigarette..phew! and knew holding her would make her stink, she had not had her bath so I held her a little and yes she smelled like I did!! Well Hannah and Mark have been offered the job in Van Buren....I am glad for them but sick for me, I do feel the tears coming, I am just so use to them being next door and love having time there...not sure how I will deal with that! But God Will be God to me and this did not catch Him by surprise!! His boss in Benton still could snag him so that is how I am praying:))))) Have a full week this week, open house on the condos Sunday and had open house last week,,, not offers yet but I am working on them!! Steve is doing good, he is feeling much better and is getting his energy back and he just called me to write a offer:) YEA!! best run!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Linda, I love you and the blogs and thank God for you more often than you know!!!! :) -ab

Carla Pearson said...

Linda, I am going to an Alzheimer's Symposium at the end of this month in Fort Worth. It is for professionals (Drs, nurses, psychologists etc). It is an all day symposium. I hope to learn something new about Alzheimer's. I will collect the handouts and information and will mail it. I am so sorry your Mother is not doing well. She is in my prayers as well as Walt. It is a terrible disease and it is so sad for our Mothers and for all of us who love them. Hang in there. Carla