Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Van Buren???????

Well would you believe this morning I did not wake till 8:30 am, Sales meeting starts at 8:45am:(  I called and told them I would not be there, I have never missed a sales meeting due to over sleeping, I always wake early, I do not even use a alarm  clock! I had planned on going to Van Buren with Hannah and Mark and securing housing for them.  Mission was accomplished, Hannah called bout a home and we met the owner and they rented it, it is so nice, four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, for. dinning, large eat in kitchen with breakfast bar, huge pantry, huge laundry room with pull out ironing board and a sm. office, loads of storage, has a three are garage, the sm. one is for a boat or golf art or storage.  most.  has Jacuzzi tub and walk in shower with seat:) huge walk in closet, nice yard fully fenced, its about two years old, the owner will even let them have her Huge dog Dually!! It has a covered patio and little sep. area there then a nice yard, there are four lots to the left of it and it is in a cul de sac so no traffic, the neighbor has a son about 8ish across the street. Nice Nice subdivision……right off freeway, you take Fayetteville road, the turn beside the Wal-Mart and follow though the sub to their home, Very close like maybe a mile to Mark’s work.  They are excited, they are packing and moving this SATURDAY!!! I am dealing with it, but its all so fast and i have open houses sat and Sunday so I will not be here when they pull out, not sure that is good or bad,,,,well here comes the tears so guess I will sign off and let it out:) hugs and nite! they are about two hours away which is a pretty drive and not that far….just not next door:(

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