Thursday, March 25, 2010


All I can say is mothers you have such a blessed job in raising your babies, after having three little ones this week, as you know:) I have remembered you never get to sit down and if you do its with babies crawling on you:) just want all mothers to remember how important it is to take some mommy/me time. Also remember dusting and cob webs can keep but babies grow up to quick so focus on the babies:) I had to remind my self of that several times this week. I did get it all back straight and once they are gone it will be as if they never came which is sorta sad:((( I am at my Chenalwoods open house this afternoon then driving to meet my dear friend Sherry Maxwell and spend the night:) some Linda/Nana time which I need:) I have learned as a young mother from my dear mentor Ann May how important that time is to refresh you physically/spiritually/emotionally.

I did take Mother and Walt to Jared's house yesterday, they liked it and I do believe will move, Walt does not want to and I can totally understand, but I pray they do! Hannah and Mark came in last night and surprised us, they are finishing up today and so appreciated their home being cleaned and yard done.....tks to her brothers and sisters for that:) Nice surprise for them. I will really miss the Mcgill babies but I am so tired that I am glad I am the Nana and not the momma! I have to focus on work, one of my homes I sold appraised 10,000 dollars low...UGH!!! so now I have to show the appraiser why it is worth some home work to do, actually the listing agent will be doing it to, but I have to know for the buyer what is the price on the house. Lately we have had a problem with appraisals:(((((

After I got mother and walt back home I fixed them some dinner then went to Alicia's surprise birthday party her friends Amy and Heather gave her, she was for sure surprised, she thought she was going to dinner with her ladies group in Little Rock, I called her and told her mother and walt and i were at US Pizza in NLR and mother was upset because she had forgot her birthday could she just please run by so mother could see her....she fell for it hook line and sinker:) She was so startled she started to cry:) love those kind of surprises!! It was a great group of her family and fiends, she felt so loved.

Well best go and get on with working out the appraisal just wanted to check in with you and say HUGS and have a GREAT day!!

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