Monday, March 15, 2010

sunny and shadows:)

Kendai Hudson ...this pic actually has her locking real good:( this is her newborn pic, she is one month old, still on vent and needs major prayers...tks

Today started with the office calling needing my file complete:))) In which I proceeded to do. I had quite a bit of real estate to do and set up some listing appointments:) Then started working on mother and Walt's stuff, Walt and I did go to the deposit box and I was able to go through some things, seems like he has things more in order then I thought for which I am so very grateful! Then took him home and went to the store for them, on Monday's I usually clean out the refridge from the week and get fresh groceries. I had made chicken and dumplings, green beans and max and cheese for their dinner tonight. So after all that which was about 3 hours of doings:) mother and I did her some flowers, I had bought some yellow roses and then some spring bouquet for her to mix up, she loves flowers and arranging them, so we did that and they are sooooo pretty! It was a lovely day here and Walt and I did just fine, when I got over whelmed I remembered I am in the Lord's shadow:))) I think Kay and I are getting a handle on things a lot better, I paid bills while at mother's and then wrote down all the utilities and account numbers. They are both doing ok, I am sure Walt will be tired tonight, he had to walk alot for him and he barley walks, he has a walker. The bank people were so nice:)

Talked to my friend Dinah and she said she realized today they had not been able to hold Kenadi and maybe that was a good thing, then she felt guilty for feeling that, I told her she is preparing her self in case Kenadi does not make it, she was so sad and my heart hurt for her. I remember when we lost Wyatt my chest actually hurt with pain to see my child in such grief and me in grief, its a pain I have never felt before and hope I do not feel it again. Keep her in your prayers. Tomorrow Hannah and mark want me to go to Van Buren with them to find a home, pray they find one, I am going but trying to hang in there and stay in the shadow of my Lord! These are just painful emotional days. I found a note Walt wrote mother that said.....woman,wife,Jean....thank you for taking such good care of me....I love you walt......he left it when he had gone to the store to get her grapefruit for her breakfast;))) He loves her that's for sure. Well I am tired and calling it a night....hugs

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