Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terrific Thursday

Today started with the Award of Excellence meeting, I past the gavel to the new chair for 2010, the meeting went well.  A lot of my friends went to the races today and what a pretty day for the races!  I had appointments to show property then came home and made a pot of veg. soup and corn bread.  Max had some allergy problems and a touch of asthma, he stayed home from school, Hannah took him to the Dr. and they gave him a breathing treatment, so I kept him in all day, Steve watched him most of the day, then tonight we have Olivia and Blake spending the night, they went to mother’s day out today.  I am dealing so much better with Hannah’s move, not near as emotional as I was, I am thankful for that!! Hannah is packing and packing and packing!! Alicia needs some healing prayers she has the crud.  My friends baby Kenadi is going through some more test, if this does not give some answers then the parents will let her go be with Jesus, this is so hard on that family, if they turn down the vent she will not live, she looks at you with her sweet little eyes and is alert…it is just too sad, I will never understand the why’s of all this. Just have to trust.  Keep praying for them, they need it.  Tomorrow will be another pretty day then storms and cold icy weather here……wanting spring to come:)  Will probably go to Van Buren Monday to help Hannah get straight then home to get my house straight:)) Jared and Jenn will be selling their home and buy Hannah’s :0 I am excited about that!! I love me some Averitt girls!! They have Peyton, Laila and Mika, then Alex and Jill have Amelia:)))) all so cute and loveable!  Well need to get to bed while all is sleeping….nite!

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