Monday, December 3, 2012

No Surprises:)

‎"Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind. When you struggle to find Me and to live in My Peace, don't let discouragement set in. You are engaged in massive warfare, spiritually speaking. The evil one abhors your closeness to Me, and his demonic underlings are determined to destroy our intimacy. When you find yourself in the thick of battle, call upon My Name: "Jesus, help me!" At that instant, the battle becomes Mine; your role is simply to trust Me as I fight for you. My name, properly used, has unlimited Power to bless and protect. (Jesus Calling)
For this I am so thankful!  This was a reading on my FB this am from a friend, I love looking at all the encouragement on FB.  Please keep Gavin in your prayers, bless his heart, his conformer came out and he had to have surgery to replace it in his eye, he has been though so much with all this,  his mother Tiffany suffers with migraines, so pray for her too, my heart is heavy for them this morning.
All is ok on the Averitt front, I have a slower week I think, you never know what the day will hold in Real Estate one call changes it all, like two weeks ago when I got a call from a investor, he has since made 66 offers and I have listed one of his investments properties, all of the offers may or may not work out but we will push forward! I have listed two new homes last week and closed four:) Thought I would be crazy and was half way all week:) 
I have Christmas up in my home and Love to just sit and look at it all, listen to the Christmas music, I must be getting way more sentimental:)  On Saturday I had a melt down, just total pitched a fit inside me, and some slipped out side of me, I had received a bill from the nursing home Friday, in which is not really a major deal, but this time it made me so angry, I had frustrations  already in work getting deals done and being so busy, I was exhausted, so when I got the bill I just sat it down,  then I got up the next morning just so angry, I cried over stupid real estate things, then thought its been years since real estate made me cry, what is wrong with me, then I got that bill and I have a journal I have kept of mother's care in the nursing home, in which I had met with Administrator but never showed her this, it has all the pics and proof to support what I was saying, I just took that bill and said call mother's attorney and here is what I think of this bill and enclosed that eight page letter, to say the least it could have got DHS in there, Elder abuse and other people who regulate Nursing Homes, but I was so angry I felt at the time they are the reason she is dead, then I realized I am in the anger part of my grief so I was just angry! I guess its ok they get the letter nothing I can do now, I still feel the same way but the anger is better, I will take some time with a friend to express how I feel and get it out, blogging helps me too.   Saturday am I had listing appointment then Steve's family Christmas which was so fun, just what I needed a lot of laughs, then a House warming to a neat young man I sold a home to, reminds me of why I love my work!  I can still feel the anger, so I know I got to give it to the Lord and I know God has the timing He calls you home, but I still have some strong feelings inside towards NH:((( wish I didn't, BUT I am not going to let it steal my peace, of course Alex preached the perfect msg, for me Sunday, I was to have Journey Kids but Victoria and Alexandria did them, when Pastor Kevin prayed he said God had just the people here today to hear the msg, :) YES He did!  It helped me to know who my enemy is:)  Hugs and love to all!
Biff and Steve

 Steve Perry, Alicia and Alexandria
 The clan, Steve, Judy, Pat, Dottie, Biff
The Survivor's :) me, Ann, Donald

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