Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Branson

We left the 24th to go to Branson, we rented a cabin, it was a four bedroom, four bath, 3000 sq. ft, with a huge screened in porch, had two family rooms, which was great, it was iceberg cold in Branson! But only snowed one night and nothing stuck on streets which was great, because we were on top of a mountain, and would of for sure been stuck!
This was it in the dark:) Steve and I got there the 24th, then Hannah and Alicia and their families came the 25th, then Sean and his family came the 27th.  We played games, ate, I cooked so much food, we had a Honey baked Ham for Christmas lunch, with all the trimmings, then a Brisket, Larry cooked for us in LA, with all the trimmings, then Sarah did duck breast, I made fudge for Alicia:) made cookies for all,  loved cooking, the kitchen and family room were together:)
Playing games
Two of the bedrooms had big jacuzzi tubs, so all took advantage of those, I think all four girls at one time:)    we were going to Zip line but it was so cold we decided to wait, guess I will do that with Connie:)    We just had a good ole family time, cousins played so good together,
 Something that is very important to Steve and I is closeness of our family, we make it a priority to have times when who ever can be with us come and have family time, it will keep the cousins close, give them fond memories and it keeps brother's and sister's close and all the spouses close, we love, hug, laugh, pray, cry if needed and play, eat for sure:) get frustrated at all the noise, get by our selves when need be, lay all piled up in the bed together, but most of all take time out to be friends, family and know how much we love each other.  Life is always so busy with work, and hectic schedules we do not take the time daily or weekly, so it is a priority to provide this time for our children, who ever can,  comes, who can't come is really missed, next family vacation time is in August, as far as I know:) In Florida.  If things slow down enough for me I will do family lunch on one Sunday every two months or so, just have to play it by ear:) Last night there it snow and we went to the Dixie Stampede,

I love our Christmas gift to our children, we enjoyed it immensely!
Today Miss April is 22 years young:) She has shopped till she dropped,  we are on our way home and she is fast asleep!  I dread unloading the car :(  Tomorrow we go to Mississippi with Hannah and Mark, meeting my friend Sherry and Steve's sister Pat and husband Donald to spend New Year's with them and some other friends.   Before I do I am showing property in the am:) Then on Jan. 2nd gotta get it in Real Estate, I have not even set my goals for 2013, did make the ones I had for 2012:) except I did not get Christmas cards out by the 5th., I always send calendars and they did not come in till the 23rd, NOT GOOD! But I will send them out in January! Now for some snooze time while my sweetie drives me home!  Love to all and to all a wonderful 2013!

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