Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday April Rebecca!!!

My little April and her best friends since fourth grade had a Birthday weekend, decided on planning a night for them at the Casino, I thought if they were going to go I had rather them all go with me!
Molly, Alex, Brooke, April
I knew right off this may make for a long night, started with about 20 pounds of crab legs, for real twenty or more:) 
They ate so many the people around them were amazed at how much they ate!
Next stop was to check out the slot machines, they did not last long on these, Molly was the big winner with her twenty dollars, she won 154.00 dollars!  They learned real quick, the casino wins the money:0
 They had a great Country and Western Band, they sang Happy Birthday to Miss April, matter of fact the girls had the whole place watching them! I know that caught you by surprise!
This is my NO, NO, NO having to put up the stop signs!  This is for the men who wanted to dance with my ladies:)
 April and I and the girls danced the night away,
We actually did dance on the dance floor, I even made it through two straight dances, Johnny Be Good and Blue Suede Shoes, but we brought the house down with Margarita Ville!  Then the girls called the HOGS:)  It was a safe place to have fun, we had a great time,  finally at one am, got them some food to take to room and they watched a movie till four am! 
Big TV!
Jacuzzi tub, you can lay down in and float!
 door on left is connecting room:)
 had me some room service, for breakfast!
Could not take pics of  their bath and bed room, because the girls had ALL their things every where, but the room was so nice!
As soon as we got to the room, I talked a bit and was so ready for bed!  They all had sandwiches, breakfast foods, fruit, etc., ate again!  I normally go to bed early, usually do not dance all night:)  I do love to dance, sing, and we did all that will I was wore out:)  Did not want to leave my beauties in the Casino without me:)
I was out! I loved hearing the giggles, memories, fun stories, and laugh, laugh, laugh at us all!
I realize, some my wonder why in the world would I go there with my daughter, its how I roll, How I rolled with all my babies,  I will go where they go, have fun with them, be there for them, I had rather be with them! We all had a blast, Miss April will be 22 December 29th!  Much rather her be dancing with me and her BFF'S any day of the week!  Now I think I am be ready for some Zumba that Brooke is about to start teaching! Our family has many memories with these ladies in them! I am so very proud of these girls, they have come along way, but remain close  friends with each other! 
Happy Birthday April!! I love you!  Mother

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