Friday, December 21, 2012

UGH!! No pics of Mawmaw!

My mamaw, Steve and Roy:)  Connie sent me a pic:)
Oysters at Don's
Shopping, Larry driving us around to get out at shoppes:)  I gave Larry my pkgs, and got more money from Steve:)

Connie and I
Finished my week out last week and got several deals closed, having my best year yet, will close over ten million this year, most of it done since Oct. 1st., why I have been so busy.  We left Tuesday 18th to go to Baton Rouge to see Connie and Maw maw and family.  Connie made some yummy Gumbo, coconut pie and chocolate pie, pralines,fudge,divinity,potato salad the first night I ate all of what I stated:)  Maw maw and Roy came over and ate too! I have not seen Maw maw in a year, when we brought mother to LA last year the first of December. Left out the next morning to shop,  we went to Don's for lunch, had me some oysters and they were yummy!   The onion rings were too good too. We shopped at Cabella and the out let mall, got a few gifts and me a red sweater and black shirt:) We went home and played dominions and beat Steve and Larry all three games! Then went to eat at a little house, not sure the name but it was a real neat place, had delicious food, came home went to bed, tired, real full:) Larry and Connie feed us very well, I am so sure I have gained bout ten pounds while there, when they come and see us, I will get them back:) Thursday we got up went to breakfast at a mom and pop dinner, it was so good too, went to Tony's seafood place to get my brother some shrimp, they are having a Seafood Christmas, I would make my self sick on seafood if that place was near me! Got home and Maw maw and Roy came over, played Rook, Steve and Maw maw and Connie and Roy played.  I learned:) Larry brought some fillets and grilled them, so tender, I had some more gumbo too! Larry had a friend smoke me two brisket for our family Christmas!  He and Connie totally go out of their way to take care of everything!  It was so good for me to  be with them, made me feel closer to mother, felt her there with us, we talked and laughed, cried on things she said and did:) Good memories!  Connie is always cheerful and laughing, just a upbeat person, love being with her! I have made it a point these past two years to be around more family, first it was for mother, now it is for me:)  Connie is more like my sister then my aunt, I am very thankful for her in  my life.  Got to see Mr. Gavin who you pray for, he is doing good, eye is still in tack, just can not see but eye ball still there:) keep praying for him, it will be a year this New Year's.  I cannot believe I did not take more pics of our trip, I do not even have one of Maw maw, maybe Connie had one and I can snag it:)  On the way home we finished up our Christmas shopping:)
Closed two loans today and have three more to close before years end:)) April moves home Saturday, which is tomorrow:)  then we have Averitt/Rogers Christmas Sunday and then Monday off to Branson, promise to take pics, I need Santa to bring me a new camera!!! Guess I better start being a good girl.   Still driving home then I am off and running!  Merry Christmas to all!!

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