Sunday, December 30, 2012


Really???? 2013????? where has the year gone?  I love that I do a blog because I can go back to last year at this time and see what I did:) Home for the night, loved sleeping in my own bed, I and Steve have a cold, UGH! Taking all sorts of antihistamines, cough syrup, which I almost throw up when I take a swig of it:(  We are showing property this am, then meeting Hannah and Mark ( without the babies) and Sherry, Donald and Pat and some other friends of ours, normally on New Year's we just stay home, sometimes babysit, but not this year, I had told Steve get ready to rumble after the 15th of December, that I had made plans to go, go, go....and we have.  Guess I was thinking to keep my self involved with family and friends and it would help endure the loss of mother this year, it has.  As you know we went to Louisiana, then had family Christmas at my home, then to Branson, now to Mississippi, one thing since we do not feel to good we can live on love and room service if need be:) doing nothing but what we desire to do, we will have a suite and it connects to the adjoining room, like we had for April's birthday, so we can all hang out and watch movies, cough, hack, blow our noses and play games:) Sherry has a cold, Hannah and Mark have a cold, not sure on Pat and Donald, they may  not want to be around us:) We have a New Year's Eve dinner to go to, Steve is playing golf with Pat and Donald, I am not going to do that, it is just too too cold for me. Plan on ringing in the New Year with a slow dance with my sweetie and a long good night kiss!  Then slowing down my social life and focusing on work, not that I have not been working, remember I can work from where ever I am with a lap top, scanner, fax and phone:) With the record snow fall here, the Real Estate market has been real slow, But I will be in the office to get files in order, have several in closing, hope to write a offer today:) I am showing a home that I think would make me want to move too, its on 2.5 acres and rustic, big living areas:) so I hope my buyer buys it so I will not think on it! I do not plan on  moving any time soon! Waiting on Jenn and Jared to pull that trigger, then I will probably move too, our homes are next door to each other, so I would have to have a neighbor I love or I might not like it so much, the homes are the only two side by side, perfect for family, we bought this home when Hannah lived there, then when she moved Jared bought her home, I love it cause I have my babies right next door, plus if there is a need we have someone to help, as we get older that is more often then not:(( The other thing Steve loves riding his John Deere and mows all our grass:)  April has moved in, and settled, I know it will be hard on her missing the Harris family, pray for her that she will gain some insight in what to do with her life as a profession, be able to adjust to living back at home, never easy at 22, that we adjust too:) Well its off with the old and in with the new, so be thinking on what you will do in 2013 that will make your life what you want it to be, it is up to you and the power of prayer, If God be for us who can be against us! 

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