Sunday, December 23, 2012

Averitt/Rogers Christmas 2012

Christmas Averitt/Rogers

Mark and Hannah

Jimmy and Erma, Brie

As I have been anticipating this family time, I knew I would miss mother, and I did, but this was such a wonderful day, it started with Journey Church with all my babies except Sean and Sarah and Cole and Anna.  Alex had preached on the coming of Christ, it has kept me focused on the inportane of this time of year:)  God has so blessed my end of year in Real Estate, I am so so thankful for all He has done for me and my family.  After church we went to Carino's,

 had to sit at three different tables, but it all worked out perfect, then home to get ready for our family Christmas, this am was little hetic getting all nine of us baths and getting to church on time, yes, I was late:) but it worked out fine casue they started late:) So the girls, Victoria and Alexandria came back with me, got it all back to normal, put Baby Luke and April down for a nap, April has to work all night tonight, then the family began coming about 2:30ish, we had such a fun time, the kids laughed, reminisce on childhood memories, the grand babies loved playing with each other, we draw names between the children, so they get their gift from daddygrand and I,  the person who drew their names, I had them all sit down and tell me what this time of year was all about, I am so proud to say they all know and understand its about the birth of Jesus and we give gifts to celebrate His birth, just as the wise men did:)  They sang some Christmas carols, so cute, all my grand babies can be actors and actresses, they are animated, and will sing, dance, in public, I love it, they sounded so good too!! Most of all I am thankful they have parents who instill in them the importance of Christmas as we did them:)   My brother and his wife Erma, their grand daughter Brie came, I love it when they can come too!!
 he looks so much like my daddy:)
My sister came by for awhile, they had the Smith family Christmas this evening.
Hannah got me these foot shoes you wear as you prop your feet up, you heat them in microwave and then put them on your feet, they feel so so so good!!
Steve and I got the house back straight, and he is sitting asleep in his chair:) I am waiting ot hear the news then off to bed, I have appointment for Real Estate in and and then we are off to Branson for a Branson Christmas Vacation, I am so ready for that!! It will be such fun family time, we will celebrate April turning 22 at Joe's crab shack!! Miss April did move in yesterday, she has her closet ready and room still looks like mother but I am sure she will add her touch to it!  I sure miss my mama, but know she is a part of everything  from Heaven:) Just wish I could hug on her one more time, Kay had a video of her last year holding her snowman, saying Merry Christmas to all!  I loved it, but sure do miss her. 
Guess what????/ It is suppose to snow on Christmas, so I got the kids all sleds, I sure hope it does ! I am hoping it does in Branson!  One year we got snowed in there, for another week, so much fun:) Guess we will just have to see what happens!  Well its the ending of 2012, its been a hard year, put my Cali dog to sleep, she is the little back weenie dog, 18 years old, the other is Dually McGill my grand dog:) he is good.  Then mother's brother past away with cancer, then mother passed away in Sept., but God has been faithful to pick me up and set my feet firmly in Him, I have been so blessed with so much worked, Steve and I as you know worked night and day Oct., November, so busy in December, I never got my Christmas cards out:((( but I do have my yearly calendars, I will get them out asap! If you do not receive one and want one, let me know, I will get it to you!  Ready for bed, will be waiting on snow.......Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Baby its gotta get cold outside for some snow:) Hugs and good night, Merry Christmas to you and to all a good night!
My Grand Babies, so blessed, thank you Lord!

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