Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fun ending to my day!

Well today was fast and furious, had sales meeting, our last one of the year, had 100 offers and 26 listings in the company:)  Next week is our Christmas party/brunch.  Then got most of my work done, misplaced earnest money check so pray I find it tomorrow:) Then what I had waited to do all week, come to Jill and Alex's to baby sit the girls, such fun!  They are right on schedule, Amelia told me she wanted pasta for dinner and she would help cook it:) She did!  Sydney had her baby food ugh! peas, spinach and pears......she loved it:) then we had play time, then baths, Sydney gets hers in the sink so I do not bend over the tub:) Amelia got hers in tub with blue water ( bath color deals) and then played some more, Amelia had a Nativity book, you do each night, so tonight was on Joseph, we read about him and she put him in the manger scene, then bottle and rocking, snuggling time with Sydney, she went to sleep, fussed a little but not much, then went to bed with Amelia rubbed her face and she was out:)

You would think I would be tired,  but I love the feeling I get when I do this, it reminds me of when mine were little,  it is just  a mothering feeling I cannot describe, I just know it is full filling to this Nana:)  Not that I can do it full time, for sure love my life right now with Steve, but enjoy this part of it too:)
teething ring in her mouth

Mill's gingerbread house she did with her mother and daddy
looks like Alex here
I am very concerned for my sister Kay, she had a heart attack a month ago and had two stints put in, she now has blood in her urine and her Kidney Dr. suspects he has a bleeding tumor in her Kidney, she does a CT scan and more test this Thursday, always scares me, Jimmy had kidney cancer, at one time they told me I did, turned out it was a cyst, and we watch it, last report I am all good to go, so I am praying for Kay, I do not know how much more she can endure at this time, with the loss of mother, a heart attack, and now this, so please pray with me for her complete healing.  She said she was not depressed, just wants to be able to do what she loves this time of year and does not feel well enough to do it:(    Today Steve and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat lunch before coming to Jill's, there was a mother, grandmother and daughter, the daughter and mother was on each side of the grand mother, and the sweet grand mother could barley walk, I got the door for them, tuned up started crying, I wanted so bad to take the grandmothers arm and help, watched them put her in the car, they had forgot her walker and you could tell she was exhausted, I said enjoy her while you can, I remember taking mother out last Christmas, then was all tuned up trying not to cry when Steve walks out, he says What is wrong??? I can not even tell him tyring not to cry, finally get in the car and can tell him, I just really missed mother right then, never know when something triggers a sweet memory:)  I sure do miss her but sure know she is so much better off.  I took memory test tonight , I always wonder could I have Alzheimer's, half the time I cannot remember things, but then it is usually when I have so many different things going, well I was glad to know I scored real high on my memory:)) made me feel much better, it was a neat test too. Well best get to sleep in case miss Sydney decides to wake early...............hugs and nite

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