Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 is past, 2013 will be a blast! can not post pics will later:(

Had a fun New Year's with Hannah and Mark, Pat and Donald and Sherry Maxwell, we all went to Sam's Town, never been there on New Year's, it was loud, they did a balloon drop, had a band, it was a good band, but I guess I am getting to old, it was loud and I was ready for bed, it did not help that I have a cold:(  I stayed in the bed most of Sunday, then went to dinner, meet with Pat and Donald, then stayed in bed all of Monday, watched NCIS marathon, then waited and waited and waited till the clock struck mid night! I cannot even remember when I have been awake at midnight:)

We gave Hannah and Mark 100  each to spend and they tripled their money, I realize some may wonder how I can gamble and some believe I should go straight to hell for it:)  I guess I will leave that to me and the Lord, I can promise you that if God said do not go I would not step a foot in there or any where else he has said do not go, in which He has said to me before:) Its not a problem for me and I may not go back for months, who knows I may never go back, just leaving that up to me and the Lord:) Just like me and dancing, I love, love, love to dance, and I do every chance I get, at weddings, our company's party, at home....etc., matter of fact I am going to get that work out to dance music so I will enjoy working out:) 

We got up and came home New Year's Day, too tired to take down Christmas, plus not feeling too good still, so happy to be away from cigarette smoke, it about did me in. Praying my family and friends who smoke can quit this year, they want to stop:) Washed my clothes and my self got on my PJ'S and enjoyed the McGill babies till Hannah and Mark got here then went to bed, showed property the next day and got way to cold:(( Stayed in all day yesterday ( Thursday ), did get my Christmas decor put away, I have never had it out this long, always do it by end of year, but we were in and out so much the end of December.  I had my sweet friend who cleans for me come today so the house is spotless and I am in PJ's hoping to just stay in this weekend and get well, I did get three sales this week, so that is exciting, even though it bout made me sicker:((( This weekend Steve will have to show anyone who calls because I am really taking bed rest to heed, I have to get well:)  This cough is about to break my ribs:) for real.....:)
I put out my Valentine's decor:)) I love Holiday's and to decorate, esp when I can use red, I love red! I have got to get my self back on eating healthy, I have totally ate anything I wanted all of December, no discipline at all:(( and I feel it, I am sluggish, pants a little tight:( just too much sugar, so its back on the wagon for me! I have got my work in order, loans ready to close, just need to get some new listings:) So I will work on that next week, just staying in this weekend and getting well.....I have had some lonely times missing mother but I know that is a normal part of  life and death:( but I sure do miss her:(    I just remind my self she is a part of me and I will see her again someday:)  Hugs and nite

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