Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Been home since Sunday, have had a busy week so far, we had Hailey's celebration of her life yesterday and it was such a sweet service, I just do not know how parents get through the grief of losing a child, guess its just God's special grace at the needed time.  I have had miscarriages and we lost Wyatt, I know in the loss of Wyatt my heart actually physically hurt, it was the worst grief, but it has to be much harder when you have had them here on earth with you, you know them have all their things in their room still.......has got to be Grace and Mercy form the Lord:)  Thank fully Heather and Scott know Jesus.  The weather is going to be really warm this week, not hot hot but warm enough:) Steve got the yard back in shape from us being gone for a week, took Monday to go through the mail and get bills for the month paid, glad I have him to do all that, I never pay a bill or even look at the check book or accounts, it is nice!  I am really gonna try to get on a budget, I am going to use cash at the store so I can stay on a budget and not spend money on anything extra for awhile, although I did real good will on vacation, I only bout a 15.00 swim suit cover up at walmart:) did not even go to out let malls this time.  Might have been more tempting if I had not just got my spring/summer clothes and shoes. 
Mother did great while we were gone, I have the best care givers, for that I am thankful:) This week my main care giver is off, she takes the first week of the month off, so its me till Saturday, I went to the farmers market and got so many fresh veggies, so I am cooking, cooking, cooking:) can not wait to eat all of it. Mother loves veggies.
I am hoping to go see Hannah next Thursday and spend the night, I miss those babies, then she will be here once school is out more.  That will be nice, we can get Max to spend the night, Steve misses him, he is his little buddy!
I plan to clean out our office today, we have all of mother's things in it from when we moved her here, just shut the door and act like it is clean, till you open it and see it all, so I pray I can get some much needed things packed away until needed, I need to do my closet too, I can barley find anything in it! I keep mother's so neat so there is hope I can do mine the same way!  Feels good to be home with no care givers here, even though I could not make it with out them:)
Well best get started cooking and cleaning! Hope you have a great day!

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