Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Mother

 Mother does not look her age:)

May 9th. was mother's birthday, I would of loved to have all the family over to celebrate it, but knew mother would not enjoy that many people at one time, it is very confusing for her, if you place your self where she is for a minute,  image your in a room of people, all talking, kids playing, people laughing and you do not know them, but they act like they know you, you smile, but the noise gets to much.  You do not know how to get away,  your not even sure where you are, then people ask you questions that you have no ideal what the answer is, but some how feel like you should, so you feel embarassed, they hug you, kiss you and you wonder do I know them?????  You finally see someone you know but not sure how or who they are, you reach out for them to let them know your ready to leave.......your own party:((((    This is why I did not plan a big party, glad we had one at her 70th., that she really enjoyed.  Instead I ask Kay and Colin to come over, we had homemade soup and cornbread, Jennifer and the girls made Birthday cup cakes for mother, we had that for desert, I had worked all day till five so I was so thankful for Jenn:) I had made the soup eariler. We had a fun meal, mother ate all her soup and a piece of corn bread:) all her cup cake and ice cream:)  I had fun setting the table and making this day special for her, she had fun too!

Mother is doing well physically, she is so funny, she loves Steve so much, it is getting easier for her living here, I am adjusting to all the changes, sometimes its still hard when I am tired and want to just get up and go to bed, cause I have her to care for and get her to bed, then sleep with her, but like today, when we got up she hugged me for a long time and just thanked me for taking care of her and being with her, she was able to express her thoughts and they made sense for about ten minutes, those moments make it all worth while. I am reminded all the time that as I care for my mother I can never care more then she has for me:) This was April's last week, it has gotten to hard for her to care for mother, I still have Connie who I do not know what I would do without and Carolyn one day a week, mother loves them both, they are older and have a lot of care givers expeirence:) 

Please keep Sean in your prayers, this looks like it will be a full blow court hearing for the divorce and custody of Cole, Sean's heart is broke, mine hurts too.  Keep April in your prayers, she will be looking for a job, I pray she just hears what God has for her life and how faithful He is to her. Alicia is still grieving the lost of Haley Lawson and carries the pain with Heather Lawson, Hailey's mother, they are like sisters, so pray for her and Heather, the rest of my babies are doing ok. I have ask ya'll to pray for Gavin, there is some more hope he may not lose his eye ball, which is a direct answer to prayers, so please continue to pray for a complete healing of his eye.

Well best go to bed, and pray abut all this my self...hugs

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