Monday, May 14, 2012

Things are always changing

I wish I like changed, I usually can roll with the punches but lately have had a lot of punches:)) But trying to roll, I think I am my own worst enemy sometimes:)  Right when I thought things were more settled with mother, as you know April has a full time job at Baptist in LR which is a answered prayer, my other care giver Carolyn is wanting to retire so will work until I can find someone, I have twothat  I have interview they are wonderful but they do not have as much time as I need:( may use them some to get by but will be looking for someone, until then just the the best I can. So need a lot of prayer and wisdom on what to do:) 
This week work is busy, I need to take Cali dog to be put to sleep but I have to do it on a day when I can grieve, which means I need to have some alone time, mother for sure would not understand, have to always have a smile at my house:) she knows when someone is upset. 
Listing a home tomorrow in Pleasant Valley and one on Saturday in Lakewood, both great listings, excited about them!  Going to see Hannah and babies on Thursday afternoon and spend the night, then home and back to work:) But I can not wait to see them and hold baby Luke!
Hannah put a video of him saying NANA:) 
Mother's day was good, April, Alex, Jared were a church, Sean had to work, Hannah was in Van Buren and Alicia at a ball tourney,  we took mother to church, she held Sydney, then came home and had lunch, a busy afternoon, mother was tired from it all,  when you take her out it causes her to be somewhat confused, she is content to stay home, so guess I will not be doing that much.  She did not even know she went, but some how she just gets fidgety once your home, which makes her a little irritable:( So hope I can get a caregiver so I can go to church:) I loved my bracelets I got from the Averitt D-I-L's and son's:) they are from Brighton, I love them, will take pics for you later,I got a new hat too that I totally love from Alicia,  then Steve and I went to Casa Mexacana for dinner. Well best run, just wanted to ask fro prayer:) hugs

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