Friday, May 11, 2012

Who Is Jesus to you?

When I was at the swimming pool in Fairfield Bay, a sweet lady came and ask if I would take her and her grand daughter's picture, in which I did,  the lady is from here and lives near the lake, we talked some and then she looked me in the eye and ask, "Who is Jesus to you?" In which I have never been ask that before, it took me by surprise, I was actually sitting by the pool praying working through some issues going on in my life, my answer was he is my everything, He is my next breath, I could not go another minute if I did not know He was in charge of my life, Jesus is my hope, helper, friend, deliver ,provider, peace, love, strength, I began to tear up, which is not the norm for me, I shared some of my struggles I was going through right then with her, she hugged me, then I said did I pass the test?????? She laughed and said yes you did:)  I sat back down in my chair and felt the Lord so close to me, maybe because I was remembering all He is to me, then I thought what a personal question to ask someone.  I am thankful she ask because it totally made my day!

You know last night we were eating dinner at Stringbeanz's they play Christan music, a worship song was on that I love, I was singing (under my breath) with it, then started talking to Steve and said a cuss word:( I thought Lord help, I can praise God in one breath and cuss in the next.......Steve said maybe when you get to heaven there will be a cussing section for you, I laughed, because I do not think God cares, its our culture that has cuss words, in some places a cuss word is not a cuss word, BUT regardless it says in scripture to let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth and in our culture cussing is unwholesome, so I think, Linda Lou stop cussing!!! The neat thing is God is God no matter what and loves me no matter what. Just wanted to share this story of this lady with you today.

My Cali dog is about ready to go to doggie heaven, I probably need to put her to sleep at this point but have not had it in me to do it, I will miss her and be relieved at the same time. So say a prayer about that. She has lived a long good life, just getting old:( she has bad days and I think I have to do this, then she will act like a puppy, then  I  think she will last a little longer......and so it goes, she is deaf now and can barley see, but she gets around ok, just slow and old.....guess I will have the Grace to put her to sleep or she will die on her own.

April got a job at Baptist Health today, so answered prayer for her, she will be full time and have benefits:) YEA!!! for her. This will let her know if health care is the career she wants. Excited for her.
Alexandria drew her first picture today in her Art class that she just started in school, an you believe this!!!! She has a talent for sure to draw! So amazed.....
Hope you have a good day and Who is Jesus to you?  hugs

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