Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week has been busy with work, busy with mother and I did take Cali today to be put to sleep, so needless to say its been a whale of a week!

I have a Brokers meeting at our board office in the am at ten, then going to a caregivers group, then listing a home in Parkhill, then to see my McGill babies, then back to list a home in Lakewood and hold a home open Sunday:) I have caregivers starting tomorrow till Sunday at four.  Connie is staying Thursday and Carolyn Friday then Connie Saturday, I am so thankful, for them.  Connie can not work two nights straight it is too hard for her, you do not get the rest you need, so I totally understand,  I can not do four nights straight as I did this week very much longer either, I have been a little cranky, short fused:) mostly with Steve, but I hate it when I am like that. Last night when mother and I went to bed, I knew it was time to put Cali to sleep, mother is afraid of her some, and she frets about her, I have to start weaning mother to sleep by her self, to do that her door needs to be open and so does mine, with Cali she would go in and out and scare mother, Cali had gotten deaf and almost blind, itched all the time, so it was a matter of time for her, I still cannot believe I actually took her, during the night I was praying and felt the Lord said He would give me the grace to do it and He did, Cali normally is  afraid at the Vet, so afraid she literally poops, today she just sat in my lap and cuddled into me, her head near my neck, she did not shake and actually went to sleep while waiting, I know this was God's way of making it easier on me and I new Cali was saying she is ready, still very hard but was thankful for the 45 minutes we had to wait, I miss her tonight, I am so use to letting her in and out and feeding her, fussing at her for bothering mother, and making her get in her bed.  Mother never saw me cry, but she was sad today too, guess she can pick up on my sadness even though I am trying my best to not let it show.  She tuned up to cry twice today, I just cuddled her on the couch and said what is wrong? She said she did not know, she was missing something but did not know what it was, then what is wonderful with Alzheimier's you can redirect their thinking and they tottaly forget they are sad:)

Looking forward to my trip to Van Buren even if it is a very short trip, I sure miss those babies, will take pics:)  Be glad when school is out so I can bring them here some:) I am believing for Blue Sky's Coming My Way!!!  Hugs and Nite

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