Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Week

 Chicken/dumplings,corn,fresh cabbage, fresh squash casserole, fresh black eyed peas,home made mac and cheese, corn bread, sliced vine ripe tomatoes and ice tea! Alicia and Sherry Maxwell came by to eat:)
 Home and veggie/beef soup and corn bread
 swimming with some of Averitt girls
 Amelia decided to spend the night with us, we had Max's t-shirt for PJ's:)
Amelia said we can have a picnic, so we did:)
This week has been better then I could of thought it would be:) It always stresses me some when I know I do not have care givers, one I am not sure why, but two I am not sure I can do it for that long and have the patience needed.  But God has been faithful! Wed. I cooked all the veggies I bought at the market, we had the best meal for lunch, dinner and all week long! Made soup, then made Lima beans and some peas called sweet peas, not English, never had them before but they were yummy! So needless to say, we have ate good all week and the house smelled so good! Thursday April came over to sit with mother and we went to home group, made baked beans and more home made mac and cheese, I love my Journey Church family they mean so much to me.  That is when Amelia came home with us, the other Averitt girls decided we needed to do a Averitt girl sleep over:) so I will have to do that, with mother here I could not bring them all or I would have:) Steve would of been out numbered:) But I am planning a KOA camp ground night in the camper with them! Or we may go to condo, the pool is open there:)
Steve has pick up the slack with work since I have been home, work has been busy too! While home you would be proud of me, I did get so much stuff cleaned out and out in storage, you can actually walk in my closet now and for sure Steve's office! Today the lady who cleans for me was to come but my head hurt to bad for me to get it all ready in time and be out of the house, we had planned to go to Hot Springs to pick up hanging baskets, but what I love about me, I can just change as easy as I can make them:) So we took the girls to the pool with Jenn and Alicia, then I got to come home and take a nap with Amelia:) had some delicious pasta salad for dinner that Jill made, so I did not cook, it was perfect for a summer time day!  Just got mama in bed but she is up again, so guess I need to go get in bed with her:)  She does better when I am in bed with her:)  She never sleeps alone any more, she likes her care givers or me with her:)  I still struggle seing her lose with abilitys she has to feed her self, you now have to help feed her, I just try to think of all the funny monets she has and the love she gives to us all......hugs and the way...was I on vacation last week???????????

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