Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning!

 Mother telling them how to do this:)
 Some of my Averitt/Haley girls
Wonder what mother is thinking, she remember base ball from when her brother's played in a field behind their home:)  The wind had blown her hair, but it felt so good:)

Little boy mother talked to, Jack in back gorund with Bob coaching him on his swing:)
The weekend was so much family fun, Saturday we got to go watch Jack play ball, he played at Sherwood, first time out with  mother and the wheelchair, sure was nice:) It is always difficult taking mother anywhere at this point, but it was a pretty day and we wanted to see the game, I did not have care givers, so I thought, what the heck we can always come home if there is a problem:) They say to live in their world, they are happy being home in their same environment/routine, I will think, gosh! she has been in the house so much a change scenery will be good, not always the case with Alzheimer's people:( but today this was good, she loved it, she looked at the player in the dug out cage and said. " Do you want me to help you get out of there?    He looked at her funny, said he was ok:)  I said, this is where they stay till it is their turn to play:)   she was not sure of the cage deal......but loved watching them so close.  Came home and went back to the normal routine:) She was tired but the sun shine was good and the breeze was wonderful, of course mother wears a jacket all the time, but I got it off her at the park:)
Then Jenn and Jared cooked out and we went over there for dinner,   Alicia and her family came, mother stayed home with April, April is one of my caregivers:) Dinner was real good, being with my babies is always fun!
Sunday am was a difficult time for mother, Steve and I were ready for church, April was caregiver mother was having a difficult morning, we just had  to stop, redirect sit down have breakfast with her, she was insecure, Steve always can make her feel secure, he hugs her, tells her all is ok, if anything is wrong he will take care of it:) she thinks Steve is Walt or her daddy most of the time, she did not know me right then, so I was not a lot of reassurance. This morning she cried, which she has not done in a long time, made me so sad.  The wonderful thing abut Alzheimer's is when redirected she has no memory of it, the rest of her day was great, not sure what was going on,  we were able to go on to church, late but the msg. was just for me, I cried all the way to church, wondering how to help mother and doing all I know. I dread the later days of this disease. The msg. was on Joy, consider it all joy my brethren when you encounter various trails, it helped me totally depend on the Lord for my help:) Just redirected me:)))) 
Mother had a good afternoon, after we finished work, Steve and I came to the condo for some me and him time, was a  busy week, then home to get back to work, Real Estate has slowed down some for me, probably because of vacation and being home with mother last week, so this week I got to hit it and get some things going again:) Even in that I am giving it to the Lord, He has always been faithful to me!! I was looking out the window this am at the condo and the trees are so pretty, they were blowing, you could hear them,     I thought I wish Had this view at home, then had another wish, then thought make your wishes come true, you cannot just spend your time wishing but you have to act, work to make your wishes come true, nothing just happens, God uses us our physical bodies to make things happen:)  On the wishes that can not come true, then find Joy in them, I can wish, pray for mother's memory to be normal, but it isn't so I have to find Joy in where we are today and hope for the future, but some wishes can come true!!!  Going to be a full week of work, then visit with Hannah and her family the end of the week, can't wait! hugs and make this day a Good day!

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