Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Well its been too long, so much has happened it will be hard for me to catch you up! Work has been busy with Steve and I listing homes, then when you get listings, you get sales:) So we have been selling too! I have had some sad days missing my Cali dog, but it is getting easier, its a bitter sweet deal:( 
I am at a quandary on what to do for caregivers for mother, my main caregiver Connie has breast cancer and will have surgery next week, ( pray for her ) so that leaves me with one caregiver for 24 hours only. Mother had a fainting spell Sunday am, had to call 911, April was with her and did a perfect job in the midst of her scare, mother turned white and her lips were blue, she was in AFIB  EMT's said, we chose not to go to ER due to the fact all her vitals were good, hospitals are so hard with Alzheimer's.  Had home health come today, heart rhythm is still off, so we will see her Dr. tomorrow,  just watched her real close, with it being Memorial Day they were closed today. Mother has a DNR she did years ago, not that I think she is getting ready to  pass, but I do want to honor her wishes, and believe in them. But it made my knees weak to get that call from April Sunday.....will be glad to see what her Dr. says. She is feeling better tonight:)
Tomorrow is sales meeting day at work, I have a new agent recruit coming, then have work all morning, and show property in late afternoon, so hope to get mother into Dr in afternoon. Glad I have a sweetie pie Steve:)
Today I took some time to go swim with Alicia and Heather, Sherry came for awhile, it was hot but the water felt great!  Been a quiet but not uneventful weekend:)

Now ready for bed.............hope you had a good weekend!!  I missed all my babies, except Alicia, we usually do the lake deal with everyone:) Maybe the fourth of July we can:)  Been a lazy day, and for some reason I am wore nite!

One other thing April starts her new job at Baptist this next week, she is so excited, keep her in your prayers, she has school first:)

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