Friday, April 27, 2012

A real Vacation for us:)

our pizza
me and connie, I did not realize how much we look a like:)
mother, peyton, connie,laila,mika
We have had a wonderful Anniversary week. We came to Panama City Beach Florida last Friday, been here all week, we have enjoyed this week to the fullest! Many beautiful sunsets! We had the pleasure of my Aunt Connie and our friend Larry coming down for a few days, Larry and Steve played golf two days and then went on a fishing trip, Steve loved every minute of it, Connie and I shopped, laid out at the beach, we loved every minute of it. When we were at Pier Park we saw a German restaurant, when Steve and Larry finished golf we went there to eat......not the best decision we have made, mine was good, but not to sure on the others:( We played domino's and spades at night, we were all tired by 8:30ish to 9is, so Larry went to where he was staying and we would call it a night, so much for the night life of PCB for us:) I was excited that they came, Connie lives in Baton Rouge, I loved my time with her.   Mother has done very good with care givers this week. Jenn posted a picture today of mother and her caregiver Connie, Connie has been with us for two years this June, she loves mother and we all love her, I am blessed to have caregivers who love mother and we can totally trust.  I miss her, will be glad to see her.

This week has been a hard week emotionally, Alicia's best friend Heather Lawson and friends of mine and Steve, have a 17 yr. old daughter who is leaving this world to be with Jesus, they removed her vent yesterday so it is a matter of time for her, I called and Heather put the phone to her ear, she actually woke up and looked at the phone when I spoke to her:) She is a special angel here on earth, she was not expected to live past three years old. Scott and Heather and the family will need to be kept in your prayers. 
To catch you up on my children, Sean and Sarah are separated, which was heartbreaking again for Sean and us, he has a cute home he move to in Sherwood.  Anna and Cole love his/their  keep them in your prayers.  All else is the same, Sydney is growing, she will be six weeks old, hard to believe how fast time flys!  Business is good, we sold home while here in PCB:)
Guess I will have to mentally get ready to go  back to real life, instead life on the beach:) Good thing I love my life!  hugs and nite

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