Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's JUNE!!!! Time flys

Since last Monday, we have been nothing but flat put busy!  Took mother to the Dr. on Tues., they did all kinds of blood work, EKG, urine analysis, all was good, her heart is fine, it does beat a little off, but not a problem,  she does have Mitro Valve Prolapse which we knew. She is feeling normal, now took her a bit to get her leg strength back.  Dancing helps:)    Tomorrow Connie our main caregiver is having breast surgery, its out pt. to remove a cancerous tumor, they think they can get it all.  Connie thinks she can work by Wed., so we will see, if it is more then she thinks, I will need to find caregivers. I have juggled it  about all I can and still work.  Kay is coming tomorrow, then I have my regular caregiver Carolyn on Monday night so she will be here for me on Tuesday morning for me to be up early for work, Monday and Tuesday, esp. Tuesday are my full and hardest days, you have to fit your personal  business, plus have the meeting with the company:)in the day.  I always take a deep breath of relief when it is Wed., I do not have such a hard schedule to go by, usually I book my self back to back all day long on Monday and Tuesday.  Not sure why, just how it has always been, mainly all seller's want to hear from their Realtor on Monday to let them know things are going on their homes.  I try to do that on Friday, but usually have showings the weekend and need to do it again:) Steve went to a men's retreat this weekend, he went up to the condo on Thursday with Scott Lawson, then to the retreat, it was at a lake house in Higdon, it was a blessing of a time he said.  I stayed a with Sherry Maxwell, and had care givers, Thur. and Fri. night.  Thought I better get all the time off I could with this month being in limbo for help. 
Last week we sold a home on a cash deal to close tomorrow, the buyer called us at 9am this morning and said he could not buy the house, he was nervous about it, he has a home to sale, but wanted to pay cash for this home, got a steal of a deal, Steve said what do we do now? I said Pray, I knew this was the right house for them, then needed one level and they are in their 70's, it is around the corner from where they live in a large two story home, but they were afraid theirs would not sell.  In which it for sure will. I have jumped through hoops to get them closed in a week, the seller had another buyer interested in the home and took their offer due to being cash and closing so quick, I prayed, prayed and prayed some more, I told Steve I was not even calling the seller and telling them this, she is in her 80's and sick, I would pray and meet with the buyers on Monday,  the buyers had someone look at their home today who loved it and will probably make a offer, they called me and said they did want to close, and apologized for having cold was a blessing to watch God come through for them and us and the seller! This morning real clear the Lord told me when the enemy presses in hard do not fear, the battle belongs to the Lord, take courage my Friend your redemption is near, the battle belongs to the Lord, Give HIM Glory,honor, power and strength to the Lord!  I had some ideals to pull it out of the ditch but honestly knew it was a spiritual battle and knew it had to be won in prayer.
Pray for Connie to be ok, we love her and mother loves, loves, love her.....

This week Karen Beasley brought Gene and Luella over to see mother, it was a sight to see, we laughed so much, Gene is in his 90's Luella 88, mother 80, they have been friends for over 60 years. Mother just laughed and laughed with Luella.... Karen and I have been friends since we were babies.

Journey Church today was wonderful, I had the Journey Church Kids today, they are always fun and full of life,  Victoria told Jack he could not be rowdy, Cole looked at me and said, Nana I am coming to your house today, but my mama will not let me cause I am too rowdy....he liked that word:)
Then came home made us lunch, worked, then cooked for the week:) made chicken and dumplings, chicken spaghetti, squash, black eye peas, corn, tuna fish, chicken salad, broccoli salad. Wanted to do a cake but was too hot in my kitchen and too tired. I got a roast, potatoes, carrots for one night, so when I am running crazy trying to take care of mother and work, I will not have to cook!! Steve is a big help with both, work looks like a real busy June, I have several in closing and some great new listings that will sell! I have not planned a vacation yet in August but think I may need one, if I have caregivers:) My life is so different, everything centers around mother, not complaining about it, it is just a real adjustment for me and Steve.  I know moving her in was the right thing to do at this time in her life, but a friend told me never do that till you have too, I now understand that, my home is a fish bowl, with people in and out, sleeping in my bed, rearranging my things ( all the time ) Connie has her way of doing things totally different then mine:) But it is  better then me being away from home at mother's all the time, plus taking care of two households was hard, helps me as I write this to remember how hard that was:)  You just never think about being in this place in your life. BUT I am thankful I can have mother in my home, even if at times I do not think I can do it another minute, I just pray Lord please help me, I am reminded as I take care of her, I am doing it unto Him:) That helps at some of those real hard times. Today has been one of those day's of a lot of praying Lord Help me do this, you will never know till your there.
Keep me in your prayers, I ask for prayer today at church, I am depressed, but on anti depressant, just have not pulled out of it like I would like too, I am not a crier but find my self crying a lot, feeling left out, just feeling sorry for my self, which I can not stand!  So for this week I am fasting and praying  for my self:) Also going to see my Dr.  Keep Sean in your prayers, he has been sick, he looks too thin, I know his heart is broke over Sarah, he really is praying she comes home, so pray for him. April starts her new job this week, remember her too. 
Looking forward to a work filled week, I do love my job, looking forward to seeing what God is going to do this week in my life!  He is FAITHFUL! hugs and night  This is Hydrangea that a friend gave me when Walt past away, it has really grown into a beautiful plant:)

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