Sunday, April 17, 2011

So many things, so busy, lets catch up!

I am not sure when I blogged last, this past Friday I went to the Beth Moore conference with my D-I-L’s and April, Belinda and Heather, it really was a blessing for me, Friday night I was so tired it was hard for me to enjoy it, but Saturday I kicked right  in!! Then came home got a nap and spent the rest of the day with April, we had such a fun day! Was up Saturday am up bright and early to get there at 7:30am Sad smile but it was for sure worth it, I was so blessed, I love some new songs I learned! God touched us all.beth moore  I did not get the time to go see mother Saturday and missed her, but I went today,mothers eastermother has her Easter eggs on her yellow focythania, it was so pretty, I am not sure if Kay did it or Connie her care giver, but mother loves it!  You can sorta se the bird saintuary in the window back ground, we have a new crepe myrtle and some flowers planted and bushes, bird feeders, Mother loves her deck and yard!  I had made a Ham and great northern beans this am before church and took that with some mashed potatoes for dinner, mother called her friend Luella and talk for awhile, it was sweet to hear them talk, they have been friends over 50 years!

Hannah and Mark have gone to a hotel tonight, at the Wydham, in NLR, it has a huge Jacuzzi tub in the room, they will have room service then come home tomorrowSmile she has a Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon she plans on going into labor and having Luke on the 19th, if she does this then all I can say is she has some strong mind over matter going on, all her children are born on the 19th.! So weird, so we will see, if she does not have him, Katy bar the doors she will be so miserable, she already is, but she has her mind made up this is what will happen. I pray it doesSmile for my sake!  Here is a pic of Blake fixing his carblake workinghe is such a mess, he acts like it is realSmile for what ever reason Steve chose today to take down our old Privacy fence and get ready to put a new one up, my thought is why now??? We have Hannah’s dog here and now when he goes out he can go anywhere, so Mr. Steve will have to put one up asap……men…..and they think they can not understand women, try understanding their thinking!   Which means I will have to take him out.  Here are some ball park pics from last weekend with mother and Alicia and Jack and Stevejack bbJack made a hitSmilealicia ballAlicia checking it all out, mother beside her,stevebb I am so proud of Alicia, she has been on a diet and doing so well, had lost 13 pounds so far, I know how hard that is, I am trying to get 20 more pounds off and I am just at a stand still, I am having to really cut back and eat right to get it offSmile no sweets or many fried foodsSad smile so I am trying.   Well have a full day in the am, getting babies to school, and a full day of work so I best get my rear to bedSmile hugs and night

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