Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is tonight the night?

Had a great day, it was so pretty outside, went with Hannah to get some baby things she needs, then ate with Alicia and April and Hannah, had all three girls:) worked, then home. Hannah is having contractions and low cramping pain, her back has hurt for two days, but I wondered if she may be getting ready to have this baby now, we will know soon:) for sure:) I picked Max up from school and had Peyton with me, we went to mother's and planted some flowers in her flower pots, the kids loved it and so did mother:) Kay had fixed her deck so pretty, has hanging baskets and ferns:) I love sitting out with her, the kids played and she watched them, she loves children:) well guess I need to get to bed so I will be rested if Hannah does go into labor for real:) I hope she waits till her Dr. is back in Town and Mark will be here Friday. Please pray for a friend of mine in hospital, she has been in serious pain and has some cyst, pray for her Dr. to have wisdom in knowing what is wrong and how to treat her:) thanks Hugs and nite

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