Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This may be the most special Easter I can remember, Alex has preached on worship and just seems like I realized at a deeper level what Jesus did for me in His death. Although we had Easter baskets for the kids, we kept our focus on Jesus. Worship was more meaningful as I sang to the Lord, it seems its is hard to really express how thank full I am for Him. After church we all went to Matthew and April Bale's for a family gathering, we had so much food, it was unreal, but as we all can, we ate it:) then the children hunted eggs. Since I have been young my brother started putting money in Easter eggs and my children hunted them, now Steve and I save our change form the year and we fill eggs with money and the little one hunts them, they get so excited, of course some do not know the difference form a dime to a quarter or dollar:) but the older one's do:) this year it was so sweet, the older ones would actually give their eggs to the younger ones who did not have as much! It was a blessing to watch:) It has been a blessing of a day, enjoy the pics and share it with us! hugs

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