Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wonderful Wednesday

I say wonderful because I got to really clean my house today, it is spotless, and I like and need a clean house:) Not sure how long it will last but I am sure enjoying it for this minute:) Steve and Hannah took all three kids to the Dr. today, Olivia had her shots, Max had allergies that make his ear hurt:( and Blake is doing fine:) so now all children have all their shots and so does the dog:) I went to the store yesterday for mother I had her house cleaned by Kay's friend Maria, so it is clean and full of groceries:) Kay took her for a picnic at the Old Mill, mother loved it, all the flowers were in bloom, mother can not walk far before she wears out, and her low back will hurt, so she was tired but had a fun day:) she seems to be doing better, more settled to me, still not sure who people are but she enjoys company:) The weather is wonderful here so mother has enjoyed her back deck so much, and all the flowers:) Steve and I are adjusted to having three children here, this am Max woke up at 5:15 am with a nose bleed, which in all that woke up everyone:( and no one went back to sleep:(( the morning before the dog started barking at some children in the yard playing with the cat, it was 6am:(( can you believe kids get on the school bus that early, I got smart today and told Max if he ever wants to miss school, just sleep late and we all will:))) Hannah did not like that too much, but I say you gotta do what you gotta do:)) to get some sleep! Some have ask how am I doing, I get totally stressed at times, when work is hectic and Hannah is hurting and the kids are crazy, but we are making it:) I will be glad to have a quiet and a house that stays clean, but I will be so sad at the same time:(( This Friday and Saturday I am going to the Beth Moore Conference with April and Jennifer and Jill, looking forward to going to that, I have never been to one of her conferences. Then Mark will be here Saturday, Hannah has full plans on going into labor Monday evening and having Luke on the 19th, all her children are born on the 19th so she may do it:) She is 37 weeks so they consider that full term, I know one thing she has sure been sick and very miserable with this baby, I think it will be her last, from what she has said. Well best run, sorry post is far and few between, seems like I do not have much time to post:(( One other thing, I did start leading a 12 step ladies group on Tuesday night and it is going great!!! I am excited about it! Well going to bed, just in case they get up real early....hugs and nite!

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elainaann said...

Congrats! You won the blog makeover. I gave Miranda your email address so you should be hearing from her soon.