Thursday, April 21, 2011

Linda Lou Averitt Time:) Raining all day:)

my chicken noodle soup...yummy!
my relaxed

Deer were in the back woods most of day
For those who know me, know that I always encourage people to take time for them self, to refuel, replenish your self spiritually and physically, to do this you need some down time. My life has been so hetic with family at my home, waiting on Baby Luke to arrive that I have had no time for me, or Steve, so when my friend Pam left town I went and stayed at her home:) I am still close by if Luke decides to appear:) The condo was too far to go, for me to feel comfortable. Today I actually slept till 8:30 then worked from the house and then went to Beef O' Brady's for lunch, came back took a nap, was going to church but did not go, stayed in and took a jacuzzi bath ate some chicken noodle soup and watched American Idol:) Planning on reading some in a book I have. Pam's home is beautiful and very peaceful! There were six deer in the wooded area behind her home this am:0 Steve loved that! There is so much on my heart that I want to spend some time studing on, from the Beth Moore conference, it was totally wonderful, plus some I have some cd's I want to watch for my step study group, so tomorrow I will sleep till I wake then go into the office then come back to my hidy hole and watch the dvd's with Steve. I am loving my quiet time but as you know I only need a little of it and I am ready for the crowd again:)) I love my big family! I sure hope Sunday is sunny for Easter, we will have a huge crowd at my niece's home:) got to get my eggs ready for the hunt, we fill them with change:) been a Roger's tradition since I was little! All is good here, hope it is where you are at! hugs and nite

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