Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Baby Yet, and I am Nana and not Mama:)

Hannah had so done her part to have Luke on the 19th, but it was just not the time for him to be born:) Hannah has ben so miserable and was really hurting all day and the night before, today she has settled down and feels better, slept beter, still have some contractions, but she is more relaxed. Mark has decided to go ahead and saty, I am so thankful, not sure how Hannah would of coped had he left:) Plus with him here I am taking a break, my dear friends Ray and Pam Richey are out of state so Steve and I came to their home in Maumelle, Steve is already in bed, I am sitting in the theater room and watching the news in full stereo sound:) We are sleeping upstairs, it will be weird not having my sweet Olivia waking me up, but I really need some rest, so thankful for good friends and the fact they are gone:) you will never believe what I am going to tell you, I have had some first in real estate the past two days, last night I had my group meeting and then a listing appointment, as I got there the sirens for tornado's started going off, I had not seen the weather but knew it looked bad, I went to the door of the house with full intentions of trying to get home asap and rescheduling, but the home owner said no, no come on in, we were int he middle of paper work when her lights went out, I could hear the wind howling, but she said, no worry, I have a flash light, so we got the paper work completed and got it listed:) Then today I have a new listing in Shannon Hills, I got a call to show it, as I was waiting by the front door, a man came rolling in on his John Deere, I looked at Steve and said, do you think this is the buyer????? IT was!! The neat thing is he made a cash offer and it was accepted, so another sold in one day listing!! I got paper work done today and did a walk though for a closing on Friday....I need one! Well, I am ready for bed too, so nite all!! Now to sleep till I wake up on my own:)

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