Friday, July 26, 2013

One more go to sleep!

You can not even began to know the hours Steve and I have worked this week, I was still recovering from being sick, on Tuesday just bottomed out, came home laid down then finished out the days work.  I honestly can not even remember how many offers we have written and homes we have listed,  right now we average a closing every five days with the ones we have sold, and steady being blessed with more solds!  It is exciting to see how good the agents I have hired are doing too, they are getting it!  This week we have had to  hire one of them to help us, a bright  smart young man, you only have to tell him something once and he can remember everything!  In Sales meeting Tuesday I was telling about a home and he remembered all the details for me, I forgot what a young brain was like:)  I can not even believe I am going to the beach in the morning, I am so needing that time, I have two books, one on Heaven and the study book, I am going to a bible study on Wed. nights and that is the study, I am going to just sit and read and soak up Florida sun and do nothing!  I may not even eat, that's how tired I am, but we all know I will go straight and get peanut butter home made ice cream and then go to Dusty's and eat Oysters asap!  LOL who am I kidding........

I will have Steve's computer and I can not blog from it, something about his security setting, so I will take pics and tell you all about it when I get home:)  Miss April will be here to hold the fort down and f course Jared is next door, hope he mows, our yard is awful and we could not get it done because no time and then it rained all day today, so there you go!  I even thought of taking a break from FB, but I enjoy that too much, plus I will still be working but its so much easy working from the PCB office
 My lap top and mobil phone I  can work from anywhere in the world!
SO if I have your home listed, know I am taking my calls and trying my best to get it sold! Actually I do a lot of business when I am at the beach:) Never fails, I think I am way more relaxed, something about the ocean does that to me:) Puts me in a happy place:)  Today has been a hard day for me, I have some struggles going on that I can not share, so if I come to mind please pray for me, I am letting go of some hurtful things that I no longer need to carry around:)  I am ready to just let the Lord deal with me, to look to Him for my needs and focus on Steve and I, do what is best in our life for us:) I am so thankful God gave me Steve!  He is a rock in our marriage and keeps me balanced, I may not agree all the time, but I have learned to listen to him, I have learned the hard way:(  SO I really am looking forward to some beach time!

  I am ready for work:))  Hugs and hope all have a GREAT week! Thank you Lord for providing this time at the beach!

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