Sunday, August 4, 2013


Some title for a blog when I have been on vacation for a week:)  I am going to a bible study on Heaven, I just started it and was behind in the study so I caught up on vacation, it is such a neat thing to focus on Heaven, I have never really thought about Heaven much.

It is easy to reflect on God and His Majesty when I am at the ocean, it is so vast, as far as you can see, its the ocean, the waves, they go on and on and on forever, just as our life does.  In this study it teaches you about what Heaven is like as far as the Bible states which is just a glimpse, my friend Sherry has always been excited about Heaven and ready to go, I never understood it, but I am starting to understand, with this study:)
The first day on the Beach I fell sound to sleep on the beach chair for a few hours, thankfully I had the umbrella up and was shaded, when Alicia came up she woke me up because she said my mouth was pulled to the right and she thought I had had a stroke, but Steve said no, she has been snoring:)) All I know I was the most relaxed that I can ever remember, and I have NEVER fallen asleep at the pool or Ocean, maybe dosed but never just out!  The only time I did that:)  I did go out every day and just read and studied, and relaxed, no shopping, did not even go to Pier Park or Destin Outlet Malls, it was probably the most relaxing vacation I have had, except for a cruise:)   There is a park we went to one day, it is St. Andrews Park, a very serene place, you pay eight dollars a car to drive in, we did not walk it all, it has a Alligator park too, and yes there were Alligators!
I love this pic, these are the children of the families that each had condos in PCB too, I need a tree like this with all my grand babies in it!
The ocean was beautiful there, had a Jetty the kids snorkeled on, saw blue crab, lots of marine life, and dauphins, the
tour boats came and people swam with the dolphins, we also saw ships going through the channel, we sat higher up then the ocean and there was a wonderful breeze, the boys played base ball when they were not in the ocean!
I did go to lunch with Steve one day and ate Baked Oyster's and they were ohhhh so good!  I did go to the ice Home Made Ice Cream Shop and had Peanut Butter ice cream, it taste like peanut butter fudge!
It is always good to be home, and today was probably one of the best sermons I have heard, Alex preached on Generational Faith, it was so good today and will be so good!  My heart is so heavy with some personal issues I am going through that is life changing for me, some very hard decisions I am having to make that will make a Generation impact on my family in which I would of never thought I would be in this place, and my heart is breaking, so please pray for me to obey and hear the Lord in these matters.  Its hard when you have to make the best decision for yourself, as a mother, wife, daughter your always making the best decision for others in your life and put your self on the back burner, but sometimes in protecting yourself you have to make hard decisions that will alienate others in your life. You know it is best for all concerned, but very hard.  It reminds me of the time Jesus said, leave everything and follow me, do not look back, never thought how hard it is to let things go in your life that you love dearly, but it is, so keep me in your prayers:) I am a peace maker and always have been, try to make everyone happy with me and do what ever I can to do that, but as an adult I know that is not healthy.  That's enough about that:)
We have had a busy week in Real Estate in PCB, we listed two homes and wrote a offer and presented a offer trying to work it out, I do admit it is easier to be here to do that, but with all of the technology you can do it from anywhere, and I have actually learned to do the new program we have in real estate and sign forms digitally!! YEA!! This week will be major, esp. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!  I am also getting my sweet Lovey spaded on Wed. so I hope all that goes well, I have never had a sweeter dog, she really lives up to her name and for sure is a God send in my life, she is so comforting to me, even though she is so much like a child, she gets into everything, she is so little she just hops, walks on everything! We love her, she has won our hearts!
Can't wait to run and see Hannah for a day, and see all they got done this week, they finished their bld. and had four new baby chicks!! I always miss my babies when I have not seen them, I will get Amelia and Sydney this Thursday for awhile, Jill and Alex had a close friend of their family pass away from a car wreck, keep them in your prayers too. Then I need to see Cole and Anna, before school starts! May have to have a bunking party for grand babies!  Hugs to all and to all a good night!

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