Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun Filled Fourth of July

We came to the condo on Wednesday after work, Just Steve and I, then Alexandria called and she and Victoria came, Jared came for the night, he and Steve played golf and the girls and I went swimming, but not before April got here too:)  I had the girls get me a chair:)
 We enjoyed our day and ate at the pool too:)
Then on the fourth we went to Kevin and Sandi's lake house that is not far from our condo, Alex and his family and Jared and some other friends from church Jennifer Bridges were there, Kevin and Sandi's grandson Caleb and his girlfriend Abby. A full house but its a big house so all was fine:) That night we all went in the TANK, which is a 30 ft barge with kitchen and bath:) Kevin cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the boat and we swam and watched the FFB fireworks, just a great time!
Alex fished

 We had a kiddie pool on the top deck for the little ones:)

Friday we just stayed at the pool most of the day and watched movies that night, I actually cooked spaghetti:) The girls ate and we watched the A-Team.  Then today we went back over to Kevin and Sandi's, Jared and his family came in last night, Alex and his family were there, and Will and Jenn Bridges came with their baby Shelby, so a full house again, but so much fun, it was weird being at someone else's house instead of ours, but nice:)  Kevin boated all day, teaching some to ski, Steve enjoyed just riding and helping:) We had pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans, potato salad, slaw, chips, peanut butter bars, peach cobbler and ice cream, and Jill made some good dip earlier in the day, we did not go hungry!


Jenn skied too, most all did who wanted too:) We have had a full Fourth of Celebrating with family and friends, Steve and I came back to condo, all is gone and its quiet, we are watching a movie, Day after Tomorrow, but I am so ready for bed, tired:)) but I know some kiddos who will feel their age tomorrow:) Since we all go to Journey Church we can see all tomorrow at church:) I am sore but its from swimming and walking so much:)  I so appreciate Kevin and Sandi for being such wonderful host! I know they are wore out too:) I always love a time with my family!  I missed the one's who could not be there, the McGill's and Alicia and Bob and  Jack and Sean's family, they all had other family commitments to be at. Tomorrow we will rise and shine and leave out and go to church, then I have property to show:) Hope I sell it!! Hugs and I hope your July Fourth was a fun time too!

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