Sunday, July 21, 2013


Its been a week of all my plans totally changing, and my sweet hubby running his rear off with work. I got sick last Friday afternoon, due to the fact I had Acute Prancreatitis a few years back, it felt like that, but not near as bad this time, so I did not eat or drink for 24 hours, I got better, ate some soup and no problem other then extreme weakness, Hannah and Mark and the kids were here, we went to Alicia's for my birthday party,
 Too bad I could not eat the cup cakes, I did taste the butter pecan, Jill makes the best cupcakes ever!
Then Monday did not feel too goo but hanging in there, on Tuesday I was having a Realtor Open house, which means I am feeding about 30-40 agents lunch:) I had not ate much nor drank much due to the stomach pains.  Tuesday I woke up so sick to my stomach, Hannah had Zofran so I took it and thought I just need to call the Dr., but I already had an appointment on Wed. on a follow up from my physical, so I waited, Hannah and her babies high tailed it out of here, they did not want to be sick, Steve and another agent did the Realtor Open house which was a success.  I had everything ready on Monday and had Fay fix chicken Spaghetti, oh how I wanted to eat some of that!  Still do but its all gone:(   Wed. came got up went to Dr. only for him to send me to the ER and he no longer practices at a hospital and that was why I was waiting, because I did not want a different Dr.:((( but I am thankful I went to ER and spent all day till seven that night there because I was dehydrated and my Potassium level was. 2.5 which is real low, which regulates so many things in your body:) One reason I was so weak, then Wednesday I had a migraine from too much zofran:(  So by Friday I actually was awake and alive and better! Sat. put on clothes and makeup and went to Kroger's, then April and I cleaned house, get all the cooties out:)  Today has been the best yet with Church, lunch at Cracker Barrel and by the store, I forgot puppy pads for my Lovie. Now home in PJ's resting and tired but so much better!  If you remember from my last post Amelia and Sydney were coming Thursday, which did not happen, sweet Jill did a fund raiser and I was watching the girls while she baked, but she pulled it all off with the help of her nephew Price and sister Joy. Then we thought of keeping Blake and Max here but that did not work either:( SO when you make the best of plans always be ready for plan B:)

Anytime I have been really sick and can not work, I always start thinking I am getting older, do not snap back as fast as I use too, and I do not like it:(
I truly am going to work on getting healthier, get the rest of this weight off and exercise, I know I will feel better from when I did it before, I have become slack in my eating habits, off sweets again and onto fresh veggies, fish, chicken and salads!  BUT not till after the  vacation:))))  We leave this Saturday with the Haley's to go to PCB, so looking forward to the Ocean and family time with them, it will be different, my sweet Alexandria has to stay here and work:( boo the part about growing up that is a bummer! No plans while there, other then relaxing, I will still be taking my calls and I bet Alicia will be too, so we will still be working with legs and arms here to help:)  Best business I ever do is on vacation!
Only six more go to sleeps!!!
This week STEVE had been knew deep in Real Estate, he has shown property several days to about six different buyers, and wrote about 16 offers!  One new listing and he is doing it on his own!  I am proud of him!!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOO, YOU ROCK STEVE AVERITT!

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