Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home again, Home again

This am came early, I did not want to get up, but knew I would be the only one who missed church with us all being tired, so I could not let that happen:)) So glad we did get up, cleaned the condo, packed up and came home, its only about a hour and half from my door to the condo door, so not far, some people I know live that far from  the office:)  I always take all my files and I have a office area set up at the condo,  we have a actual office five minutes from the condo which is nice!  It is nice to go there, I can still work and show property if needed,  but enjoy the FFB area:)  I was surprised at the calls I got on the fourth, we showed property today and hope to write a offer from one of the calls:)

Church was awesome, great msg., as always, something will tug at my heart and God will use it to change me:) Always loving the fact God loves me to me much to leave me like I am:)

Then we went with the Haley's to eat lunch and came home and took a three hour nap:)  I may not have woke up then but April not knowing I was asleep woke me up, guess its a good thing, since it was five in the afternoon!  My sweet Steve
showed property and let me rest!  Gotta love his heart, he is always taking care of me, still opens the car door for me! His mama raised a real gentlemen!  I hope my boys take care of their wife's like that, if they do not and your reading this then I will have Steve talk to them:)))

After three fathers/dads/husbands past away with heart attacks this last week, I told Steve I want us to sit down and discuss our life, love, plans if one of us die suddenly, I would not want him to pass away and me not having told him goodbye, and if I go first I for sure want to leave him a honey do list:)) Just some real life things to discuss, then you will have closure if that should happen. I pray the Lord never allows me to walk though that but death is a part of life, we all die some day.  I had some good talks with Sandi over the weekend, she is my age, its nice to have someone your age to share your thoughts with:) I would be ok financially but I am not a person who likes living alone, at least I do not think I am:) but since I only have grace for today, I will set all that aside and trust in the Lord to be all I need:)

I have not talked to Connie, she is still in Chattanooga, I thought about them this weekend, hope another time will come when all will be in Chattanooga again so we can go!  I am getting excited in 20 more go to sleeps it will be PCB time with the Haley's! We will be there a week for vacation!

It is going to be a hot week here, but I am ready for it, have work this week, then Friday we will go to Biff and Ann's for a sibling Averitt day on the lake,
 then back home, have open houses on Sunday, excited to get to visit with my dear friends Jimmy and Marcella Hagan while in North West Arkansas too!  They are our life long friends, I call them my forever friends!  It has been a busy summer so far, work has been good, and for a Ole Woman turning 60 I am doing great!  I guess now I will remember my age, since its the big 60! I feel it some days, but I have decided to let my self aged gracefully! They say it is the new 40!  So we will see:) Age is only a number, some days I feel 60 and other days I feel much younger, either way I am blessed! Have wonderful friends, great church, God loving children and grand children and our health, so much to be thankful for, Thank you Lord!

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