Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The BIG 60!

July ninth came and went:)  I actually got up feeling like I was going to be sick, got my bath and got ready for work, my head was hurting but I thought it would go away, it didn't, so on property tour I had Steve take me back to the office when we got in that area and had a agent take me home, I took a phenagren and went to bed, Steve brought me some soup and I ate it and slept, when I woke up at five that afternoon the headache was gone but so was the day:((

I even think 60 sounds old, some how I have to get used to the 60 number:) A little bit of a wake up call that I am getting older, guess I have not thought of that before:((   Today was a much better day, awoke pain free and worked all day, had lunch with a sweet friend at Olive Garden, she took me for my birthday:)   April came in with fresh flowers this morning for me, I love fresh flowers and did not have any on the table:)  got a offer today on one of my listings and wrote a offer, talked to a man on listing his home and looking for a home for another buyer so been a busy day, its also been a HOT day!  I bout can not take this heat! It sprinkled some today but only a few drops:(

Trying to decide what to do for my BD, just have not decided, Steve keeps asking what do I want to do but I can not make up my mind:((( Since I ate a late lunch I am not hungry for dinner yet, plus do not really want to get back out in the heat, now I am sounding old:)  My friend Karla mad me a cherry nut pie that she does at Christmas, it is real good, I may just have that, it has fruit in it:) yum yum!

My Lovie Luv is like having a baby, you have to watch her all the time, she gets into everything, but she is just adorable and we really enjoy her, she has a sweet disposition!  She is spoiled already!

Looking forward to PCB the end of the month with the Haley's, then in Sept. going to go and meet Connie and Larry, so Steve and have some Larry time and me some Connie time:) I love the beach, until then its all work, so I can play!  hugs and hope your day is a good one:)  Going to read my AARP Magazine:)

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