Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday weekend:)

Well my sweetie took me out of town for my Birthday, we had a wonderful meal, like Lobster, Baked Potato and salad! Took a Steve and Linda day and had the best time.  Today we have been working our tails off, showed property, went on listing appointment to find out a Realtor was there before me showing the home on a one time show, so if she sells it, I will not get the listing:( Got a offer on two of my listings, one I will meet with on Monday and one is accepted!  Have open house tomorrow, Hannah and Mark and the kids are coming till Tues. am, I am excited!  They all have Dr. appointments on Monday.  One perk about them not changing Drs.:) I get them here.  Max and Blake will stay a few days so looks like Steve will get some yard work done:)  After open house we are going to Alicia's to swim:)  Tonight we ate with Jen and Jared and girls at Red Lobster, in which they sang Happy Birthday to me, I could feel my face turning red:)  The girls loved it!  We then had a wedding shower to go to for Lance and Abby at work:) Fun weekend:)

Now something you can pray for me about, about two weeks ago my stomach started hurting, right in the middle right below my sternum, then a place in my back right shoulder, it is like contractions, they are very intense, I wondered if it was my pancreas, then yesterday it started hurting about 2ish and really hurt bad enough I thought I was going to have to go to ER, I did not eat or drink anything until this afternoon, it is not hurting but I do not feel the best, a weak feeling and clammy sweats, so I am wondering if my pancreas is inflamed or something.  I had acute pancreatitis a few years ago was in  the hospital for a week, it was from my gallbladder and once I got well from the pancreatitis I had my gall bladder removed.  So please pray this is not what it is, I see my Dr. wed., if it comes back I will go immediately to him, they can do blood work and a cat scan and should know, but the only cure is nothing not even water for a week and IV in the hospital:(  I am hoping it is something else, just have no ideal what would hurt that bad and it feels like it did before:(  People who drink heavy usually get this, but I may have a drink  on occasions, so I know it is not from alcohol, just not sure what else causes it but will check it all out, I just do not want to be in that pain and it makes me anxious to eat or drink, I did eat tonight and so far so good, no pain:)  Thanks for payers its going to be a busy week:)  Thursday Amelia and Sydney will come over, Jill will be baking cup cakes for a bake sale, excited for them to come:)
April is in Iowa seeing Seth and his family this week, keep her in your prayers, Jared and Jen are honey mooning in Las Vegas and Alex and Jill will have a anniversary this week too!  I guess with lots of babies you get lots of birthday's, anniversary's, etc!!  I love it and feel very blessed!  Hugs and night!

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