Friday, November 2, 2012

Little did I know

Give away pumpkin with flowers at Open House

chicken spaghetti

fudge cakes with pecans and without

salad with everything in it:)


Last blog I had my week planned, or I thought I had it planned:)  I was once told of a illustration, get a bucket of water, put you finger in it and stir it around, you will see the ripples, turning, then take your finger out, it will go back just as if you never put your finger in it, in saying that, when we or maybe Should say I think all depends on me to make something happen, I think of this teaching, we can do all we can but when we quit it, all is still ok, on Monday I was very busy, Tuesday went to sales meeting, had my Realtor's Open house had major food   and agents, a very busy day, then had a unplanned meeting with some Averitt/Miley ( Sherri, Roger, Anna Averitt ) family for dinner which was a wonderful time for us all, Sean and Sarah and Cole spent the night. I woke early morning with a bad headache feeling nauseated, went back to sleep got up, I had a full day planned, a class to teach at 10am, a loan to close then making cheese dip and helping with Journey Church Harvest Fest, which I love to do:)
Got up to my head pounding thinking  I've got to keep stirring the water no matter what, got a file in order to close, sitting about to throw up with my head pounding, then laid down, got back up thinking I can do it, just got worse, called another agent to see if she could teach, which she did, then thought I have to lay back down, so I did..............then it did not get better, was weak and so sick with a migraine, I knew I could not go to the closing or anything else, of course my sweet husband handled the real estate and my Averitt girl's, Jill and Jenn and Alicia covered for me at church.........I spent the day in bed, Steve would wake me for a signature or ask a question, other then that I was down for the count. Now guess what........some other fingers went into the bucket of water and it all got done with out me:)  It is so hard for me to give in and let go, I am learning, but not very good.  Journey had the best Harvest Fest, my loans got closed and the class got taught! Thursday I was still groggy and fuzzy headed from the headache, so I took it easy, my Averitt girl's came over that evening while others cleaned up from Harvest Fest, I  loved having some play time with them, I was suppose to have Jared and Jenn's girls but their Aunt came in town, it was just a fun way to end a day:) That may sound stressful to some, but I can curl up with these girl's and watch the best Disney movies:) I slept so good, woke up today and started in on loans, by the way we did close the single mother's loan on time, which was a lot of people going the extra mile, docs came out of under writing, the loan officer and staff stayed till 10pm to get them out to title company, then title company came in early to get buyer closed and seller closed by noon:))  The seller was all smiles then, and of course I had to stay professional:(( but if I could of I would of told him what I really thought:) The other one is working out too, she will lease the home until we can get her credit scores back:) Most builders will not do that, this is a home she pick everything out in too, so God worked it all out, and guess what the water in the bucket got stirred by HIS fingers:)) It is nice to just get out of the way and watch what He can do!  He does use our minds and bodies to do His work we are His hands and feet but sometimes I do believe I get in the way:) I began to think it depends on thankful when I can learn not to do that:) Today Friday got up no head ache feeling good, Steve and I went to some carport sales, then went to look at a home to list then to the movie and back home to do some Real Estate work then cook dinner and watch a movie....been a good week even in the midst of a migraine, now if I can just quit eating the left over fudge cake!  hugs and nite  One other thing, I decided it is just ok to call my back bedroom mother's room, when Amelia was here she said, can I go get the babies out of Mimi's room, it blessed me, I want them to remember her:)))



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