Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thank you Lord!

So many times we do not get a warning when it comes to our heart, I am thankful God saw fit to give my sister Kay a warning, she has heart problems,      she had a mild heart attack Saturday, this morning she had two stints put in.  You know I am thankful God chose to heal her here and keep her here and not take her home, but it is a wake up call for all of us.  Do not take your health for grante, I have not been eating and exercising like I need to, so tomorrow I am getting back on a healthy living life style, walking and eating healthy, it is so easy to think I will do it tomorrow or next week, or I do not feel like walking, much less exercising, truth is I really don't, BUT if I don't then I will just feel worse in the long run.

Stress has many ways of presenting itself, I remember when I was a young mother, I ask the Dr. if stress was the reason for something going on in me, I can not remember what now, but I do remember he said stress can make you itch, it can do so many things to the body, so what can we do about stress????  Do something physical to relieve it! Work out what ever is causing it, change what ever is causing it, if you can, if not prayer the senerity prayer:)


OK enough on stress, I am so ready to decorate for Christmas!  I told Steve since Thanksgiving is at Alicia's, I am ready to put my fall stuff up and get out Christmas, I have never decorated before Thanksgiving but I am going to this year! 
Had a neat Pastor's appreciation service today at Journey Church, watch the children sing, it was so cute, Alex and Kevin are special men and I hope they felt appreciated!! Behind every good man is their wife, Jill and Sandy are choice jewels!

We did not stay for the service but went to the hospital, then had a late lunch at Cracker Barrel and went on a listing appointment, got the house listed:) then wrote a offer! So a busy day, we finally remembered to go to Kroger's and get milk!! I have been trying to do that for two days, we actually past Krogers and I said turn around lets get milk! Steve and I love milk, he got two gallons:) Tomorrow will be a hectic day, inspection at 9am in Carlisle, just alot of work to be done, then appointments to look at houses to list, so a full day!  I made Chicken Soup so that is for dinner, taking some to Colin and Kay for their dinner, she should come home tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers, one that she can get over the hump in her grief of mother's death, I am not sure how I made the turn but I shared with you about Sunday before last when the Lord touched me, it has been so different, when I think of mother its not grieving but thankfulness for her, not sad but fulfilled, I do not know how to describe it, sure I cry and miss her but its different and far and few between tears, just hard for me to put in words. I use to smell her bible and cry and hold it, hold her stufffed rabbit or some of her things, now I find joy in those things as she did:)  So pray for Kay that she can find peace and rest for her self in all she is going through.  Keep Gavin in your prayers, his surgery date is coming up the 15th of November, I think, I pray for a complete healing of his eye:)  Steve and I will go to La. to see mama and Connie and family once Mama gets back from Chattanooga, it was this time last year we took mother:)

Mother and Mama

mother, mama, connie

Mother loved Chirstmas too! I know she will be a part of our trip and our Chirstmas this year in spirit!  Have so many fun and good memories we made on this trip to Lousiana, so glad we went!  Take time to make memories with the one's you love!
 One memory was we were at a Pizza place, and the waitress ask if we wanted beer with our pizza, I said unsweet tea for me and sweet tea for mother, mother said she wanted a beer, I said, no mother, and she said I am old enough to have a beer if I want one, of course Larry chimes in and said yes, Jean can have a beer if that is what she wants, so yes, she got a beer, did not drink much of it, but she was right, she was old enough:)  She also ate TURTLE soup on that trip!!!  Mother was always full of surprises, maybe that is where I get it!
You never know what tomorrow holds, so live and love with all you know!  Hugs and nite!

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