Saturday, November 17, 2012

Branson real fast but so Christmas there

  Hotel so Christmas!
The Legend's
 Crab legs from Big Ben's :)
Well as you know me I do things on the spur of the moment, got the opportunity to go to Branson and we did!  We went so see the Legends, which had Liberace, Whitney Houston, Elvis and the Blue's Brothers. It was really good, we stayed at the Clarion, it was a fast trip but a fun one! We did eat at Joe's Crab Shack, did not have crab legs, we split a shrimp plate, they had appetizers for five dollars:) we did boiled shrimp and Calamari, it was all good, we just walked around the landing, trying to stay awake until eight for the Legend's:)   Steve had been a Hannah's for the week, so I took Luke home and picked Steve up, it was a long day in the car but I enjoyed it, when coming home Steve drove and I caught up on Real Estate, we are both hooked up this weekend working, although Steve did start his morning at 4am at the Full Throttle Duck Club, the fields were flooded and ducks were in:0  Sean put together a group of men and they leased some land for their Duck Club, he is real excited about it, he as well as I did not think Steve would get up, we have had some fun days but we stayed in high gear, on the way home we went to Big Ben's which is a Seafood Place in Vilonia, it was good, I did not get that big plate of crab legs, actually that is next to the small plate size, I did get the sm. plate and buffet, for 23.99, the crab legs were real good! The buffet was ok. They have all you can eat but it is 49.99, but you get a pot load and can take what you can not eat to go in a huge to go box.  This am I had a listing appointment, I will find out if I got it on Monday, I hope:) It is a referral and they interviewed three agents, so we will see.  Then showed property, then came home and finished up the paper work for the listing interview which took FOUR hours.....ugh I have got to get faster, it is doing a complete appraisal for the referral company, I am not an appraiser but you do all the same work when you accept to interview for their business.  Steve got all my Christmas things out but I was to tired to do anything with it, I was trying to have a migraine but think I nip it in the bud!  Steve is going hunting in the am then to church then we both have open houses, I am getting up early to fix chicken and dumplings for our dinner and Kay's, she has not felt good, she had a real hard day Wednesday and sees her Dr. Monday, hope it just some new heart medication being the problem. Pray for her.  Going to be a fast paced week, our McKimmey Thanksgiving is this Wed. from 11-1 so if your in the area of my NLR offie, 5217 JFK come by and get a bite to eat I would love to visit, then Thursday we will go to Alicia's for Thanksgiving dinner, so ready to get some energy to get my house in order, I have never got all my Christmas boxes out and tree and just let them sit in the floor and not go through it all and decorate, maybe tomorrow, just not sure when, after open house I take pics of one of my listings then show property so will not even be home to seven or so, maybe Monday...who knows, one thing for sure it will be here waiting on me:)
Best go get in bed so I will be ready to start my day, Journey Church then off to work...just pray my head will not be hurting......hug and love and nite

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