Friday, November 23, 2012

Fast forward

Man on man, I feel like I have been in fast forward for the past two weeks, I cannot believe how these weeks have just come and gone, for that matter the whole year has come and gone.  On Wednesday I had five, yes, five offers to work, plus we had our office annual Thanksgiving lunch and had about 300 people in the office, I could not find the time to even go to the store, when I got home that night I was so tired and still had work to do on paper work, finally I told Steve I have got to go get a Turkey and things for dinner, this was on Wednesday afternoon:)  of course the Turkey was frozen, I did not even think about that!  It all worked out just fine:)
Having so many offers at once and so many commitments it put me in over load in my brain, when you get a offer you add several phone calls, a lot more people in your day needing answers and negotiations.  A good problem, but my poor brain about had it.  Finally got alone in my home office, took one file at a time and worked through each one before I would let my self get side tracked, ADD does not help in paper work, it does help in doing multi task, I think it is why I can do so much at one time:) 
I was thankful we decided to have Thanksgiving DINNER at 5:30, even though I was starving by then, there is no way I could of done it by noon, went to bed early Wed. night and got  up Thursday with Steve's help got it all done:)
                                                                                 just a few pictures
Hannah and Mark could not come down, Mark worked Wed. and Fri., so she had  a family over and they did their own Thanksgiving meal, so proud of her, she did her first Turkey!  I missed them all but they will be here Christmas and I can always go there to visit, remember my camper is set up:)
I will have the best November and December in Real Estate that I can remember, will make for a fun vacation after Christmas, I am so ready, Since mother's passing all I have done is work, work, work, but have about four Million in closing, will end being a good year, my production has been low for me these past few years, but I have dug in and have some good business, I love being at the TOP of the Top in Real Estate, yes I am competitive, had lost that for awhile but it is back:)  Plus I love helping people find the homes they love or sell their home and go forward with what ever plans they may have, I meet all kinds of people in all kinds of situations:) It is rewarding to help them.
Yesterday while cooking, I thought of so many times when I would call mother to tell me how to do the dressing again, one thing I did remember is always get new sage:) I was doing a offer while cooking and totally screwed up the dressing, I was making the cornbread, which I usually do the night before,  so I had it all mixed up and ready to go in pans, when I realized I had put in the onions and celery and sage into the wet cornmeal mix:(((  I bet mother chuckled in Heaven, did not have her to call but could feel her with me as I did the sweet potatoes and dressing, yes, the dressing turned out good:) Now I am ready to do my tree and get my Christmas all done, have not shopped but never do too early and I do it all on line and have it delivered:)  I just do not like to shop, sometimes I do like to just go look in stores and if I find something that is wonderful:)  Hugs and pray you all had a Happy Thanksgiving now it's Merry Christmas to you!


Loved this when mother saw Santa she was so excited, she still believed:)))

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