Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HUMMMMM a better place of mind

Well its Monday night and I can not sleep, I have a Realtor's open house tomorrow, made fudge cakes, making huge salad with everything in it and had Faye make a HUGE pan of chicken spaghetti, she is a caregiver that mother had, she can cook! I hope to feed about 60ish people tomorrow, they will tour the homes I have listed, so they can help me get them sold:)
Sunday was a real turning point for me, I think I have moved forward in my grieving, I have been able to look at some of the things that were mother's and enjoy them and not miss her so much:) I have cleaned out her clothes and put my winter clothes in that closet, I am trying to say back bed room instead of mother's room now, except for her things that I have of hers are in that room so it really is a expression of her:)  I just feel I am at a better place mentally , not as depressed as I was, looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I have no doubt the Lord did a special work in me Sunday am before church and finished it at church:) I am ever so thankful, by nature I am not a depressed type person, more out going and full of energy, but I had lost some of that, so I am glad to have it back! I thought daddy has been gone forty years, Walt has been gone three years this May and time has helped with the grieving and missing them, so I know time will help with mother too. I am grateful to have friends and  children and husband who understands me:)
We have a lot of loans in closing, so I am very busy at work, getting loans closed is not easy, it is the hardest part of my job, keeping everyone happy, I have one now that is late on closing, it is still in underwriting, the seller who gets on my last nerve is so rude and sarcastic, its all I can do to even try to get it worked out, but the sweet young single mother who is buying it wants it so bad, I just pray the seller will be realistic in the deal and let her have the time she needs to get it closed, its of no fault of hers that it is not closed, this kind of loan takes longer because the market is so busy. Another one I have the buyer had a good credit score when she applied, they always re check credit before closing and she went to a zero on her credit, she had not used credit in years, and it just happened that it all fell off during the time of her buying a home, so now we are regrouping to build her a credit score praying the builder will work with us.......it is always something in this line of work and you get so involved with your buyers/sellers, all I can say at this point on ones like these is pray, God will need to do something:) we have done all we can, now if it is meant to be it will be and if not we will move on.  But it still is upsetting for the buyers and sellers:( I think both of these will work out in time:) I have a few short sells which are always a headache, but so far they are going smooth!  We should end the year good this year, I have been able to focus on work and it shows:))
This Wednesday our Church will have its 2nd Harvest Fest, we had a good turn out last year and looking forward to doing it again this year, I am helping with food and Steve is doing the bag toss:)) We both enjoyed it last year! Bet we will be tired come Thursday because we are booked to the hilt till then:) Hoping to close two loans the end of the week, and need to sell some more homes and get more listings so pray for me:)  All the family is doing good, Sean and Sarah are working on their marriage and doing good:) April is still at her job and doing ok, Hannah is still like a pig in slop, with her country living:) I like it too:) Max shot his first deer yesterday!  Alicia, Alex, Jared and all their families are good, I have so much to be thankful for and I am reminded of that all the time!  Nov. 15th Gavin who you have heard me talk about will have eye surgery, they will save or take his eye ball, I am praying it can be saved!  Well best go get my tail to bed so I can get up and get busy with the day of Real Estate that is planned....hugs and nite

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