Wednesday, November 7, 2012


For what ever reason I woke up with a migraine, such a drag, it did not hurt as bad as last Wednesday's did, but I was way more nauseated:( the worst part is we had gone to to condo last night to turn the heat on, Alicia is having a women's retreat there this weekend so we wanted it in order, it has been months since we have even been.  Nothing to take, some Tylenol but that did not phase it, Steve went to Pharmacy and got me something that did knock it out, but it took me most the morning till afternoon to quit being nauseated.  I guess I will go see my Dr., I have not had migraines in  years and years and I have had four in the last month, they are on the right side of my head, like I can draw it off the right 1/4 of my skull.......I am a little anxious about even going to sleep for fear of waking up so sick.  It leaves me weak, so I best I get to the bottom of this asap! Could just be the stress of the past few months.
My cat, in which I do love, is missing, I am not a avid cat lover, but Nala nursed 10 orphan kittens after nursing her two, so after all that I said I would keep her and got her spade, she was in a foster home to nurse the baby kittens, they were suppose to find her a home for her, when they did not find her one, she came back to our home and we have had her for a couple years, so pray we find her, mother even liked her!  All the grands love her, she is sweet and loveable.

While driving to Fairfield Bay we loved the trees, and this am while I laid of the couch with my eyes having a hot cloth on them, when I got better I laid there looking at the tree colors, so beautiful!

Beautiful day, I began to feel better about 1ish and we headed home, had some real estate to get done:)  We will go to Hannah's once we are finsihed with work tomorrow and I will leave my sweetie pie there, I have work all weekend and week, he will stay and hunt and help them get things done, I get to bring my Luke man home with me:)  Sweet Heather will keep him while I work!! Excited to have him spend some time with Nana, he has never spent the night at my house without his parents here too!
I am so ready to put the fall things up and get Christmas out, I am going to do it next weekend when I get Steve back to help, Hannah and Mark will be here the weekend of the first till that Monday night so I want it all up for the kids to see! I just love love love Christmas, and guess what we may have a white Christmas this year, I feel it!  After Christmas we do a family week of fun and games, the Haley's Mcgills and who ever else will all be together, just hanging out, Hoping the others can take a few days to hang with us, we eat a lot, play alot and laugh a lot, and shop a lot:))) To me Christmas is a time for family, friends to love on each other and share the love of Jesus in every way we know how, from giving of ourselves, our finances, our time, and being together! Just can not wait!

As you can see, I am so ready to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus and share His love with others, we do it all year long, but I take time out to actually make goodies for some, stop and go to dinner with some, renew long time friendships, that pick up right where you left off, just slow down and enjoy life!  I hate to shop so I don't, I do it all on line unless I just want to go to a store and look, I took that stress out of my life years ago, its not the gifts that are important, it is family,friends,sharing the love of Jesus!
Hugs and Nite....OH YES< A PRAISE, Gavin does not need eye surgery and will not lose his eyeball!!! Thank You LORD!!

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