Tuesday, November 27, 2012

all I can say is WOW

I literally cannot believe how this past week has been, ended up with 10 offers, two new listings and one re list, needless to say I have met my self coming and going, left out today at 8am and got home at 8:30pm, Steve has ran one direction and me another making it all happen, listed a wonderful lake home in Heber Springs, will post pics later! It is priced to sell;) I got the listed in interview for, held it open Sunday had over 36 people and a offer, we have countered the offer......MAJOR WEEK for me!
I can't leave Steve out he helped:)  I am ready to have some slower time, tomorrow is sales meeting and tour, then I do not have appointments but have tons of files to get in order and closings, so I am ready to get it all in order:)

Mother's tree;)
Last year I took down mother's Christmas and stored her Waterford ornaments we had on her tree, I thought I put the ornaments in the little purple bags and in a box and put them in Steve's office with the tree, we found the tree but cannot find the ornaments:( It makes me so sad, I then began to tear the house apart, then the storage buildings, then the cover trailer where I have some of her things, that made me real sad, I remembered to think on the happy memories of her things, but just really missed her, it smelled like her in that trailer, I actually got nauseated and stomach cramps, thought what is the deal, told Steve I may be sick, went in and rested.....tonight Memaw who is my friend's mother in law and mother is in in same nursing home as my mother was, they  called my friend and told her Me maw may have a few hours left, so after we finished our day we went to the nursing home, my tummy cramped up again, just as before, so I knew it was just emotions of the death of Mother..............UGH, I am praying Angels will lead me to the ornaments, they are here some where.......also praying for Memaw to pass peacefully as mother did and for the Lord to touch her family.  One good thing about being so busy at work I have not had too much time to eat:) so that is helping me with my weight loss:)  I think Christmas will be harder missing mother, I pray God gives me the same nudge He did during Thanksgiving and helps me find her ornaments, I have a tree in her memory and was going to put them on it:) I have a crazy love tree, with ornaments of where Steve and I have been and of Jared that he made when he was little:)

crazy love

mother's memory, need to find ornaments:)

my tree

my new blow up:)

We will put lights on the house as soon as we can be home:) I love Christmas and love Christmas memories, I have so many of them, mother and daddy and Walt always made it special, to think they will be with Jesus on Christmas will be the most special Christmas ever! That is what helps me be happy!  Keep Gavin in your prayers, he goes tot he Dr. tomorrow, his conformer came out:( of his eye, we are praying they can put a smaller one in and no surgery:) hugs and nite!

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