Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This week has been scorching HOT! It is just steamy when your outside, I have had a full week, in the first two days, listed two more homes, so that is nine for July!  Sold some and needs some others to sell! We met Mark Sunday and got Blake and Max, brought them home with us till Thursday, so my side kick Steve has not been at work to help me, we did get Victoria to sit today because we both had appointments.  Last night I had some time while the boys were at Jack's birthday party to go and see mother, have the time I have wanted to just sit and visit and rub her legs and feet in some good smelling lotion Kay got her.  Mother is still weak form that TIA but is doing good, she is happy at the nursing home, I still struggle with it, I am in and out several times a day, but like it when I can just sit and visit and love on mother:)  It is a good place and they do take good care of her.

Steve has had fun with the boys, they have put the pool up on our patio and played in it:) filling it up at 10 at night:) Now for a game of Dominoes tonight, Max is beating Steve and Steve is saying this is just not right!

Blake is out for the night, he was so so tired, and he gets up so so early!  In the morning we have signs and pics to take so they can go with us:)  We sure miss them and Mark did not get any jobs in this area, so they will be in Van Buren till God brings them closer. 
I have gotten so hot Monday and Tuesday, felt nauseated, I do not like sweating but I have been, feels good to get home by 5pm today and just be home!  Tomorrow will not be as hard of a day, hope to enjoy doing somthing fun with the boys before we take them back Thursday, may have to go to Alicia's and swim:) after we finish working.

Well I hope all is well with your family, remember to keep Gavin in your prayer's, he has had so much pain with his eye and headaches:(  Remember to keep the Ezell family in your prayers...hugs and nite

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