Monday, July 16, 2012

Open mouth insert foot

Today started with me barley awake getting a text and responding to it, in the response I sent it to a Realtor, and my seller, in which I offended the seller, I said they were hard to please, which is not exactly what I meant but for lack of thinking did, they are not hard to please, I just felt like I did not please them, with their text they had sent me the day before.  Then on several emails I sent today, work related they went to a lady at a title company too,  one I do not know very well and do not do much business with, her name got added to mine, then I got a text whom I thought was a seller that her home was open  Sunday ( keep in mind I had five open Sunday) and she ask did anyone think the house was to high, I said yes, she said what???? we just lowered the price and you said it was good, in between text with me totally thinking it is a different seller, I do a CMA and email it to them so they will see we need to lower the price, then I think forget text, let me call it, it was a totally different seller that I thought I was talking to!  I text some feed back showing to my sellers and sent it to the showing agent.......just one of those days, between text and emails, I just thought I do not need to text at all today or email, even sent feed back on showings to one of my sellers and had wrong email same name.......go figure....if none of this makes sense do not worry it does not make sense to me either. 

All I know is I need to be careful what I say, do and hear, text, email, with all that said I have spoke to over 52 people today  that I can remember, closed a loan, listed a home, took care of  some of mother's needs, had a 1.5 hour class with my new agent on contracts, came home at 6:30 only to need to go and unlock a home for a buyer.................totally mentally exhausted, still have one more phone call with seller I offended, which was my fault totally, all I can do at this point is ask forgiveness and learn from my mistakes:)

all in all had 86 emails, not sure how many phone calls and text,  whew no wonder I am so crazy today:) but I do love my job and strive to be one of the Top and best agents in Arkansas. 

God had mercy on Steve today and had him working in our home office and showing property:I know I would of been short fused with him :(  Got so disappointed in my self for all the mistakes, but letting it go, tomorrow is a new day, all in all none of this will matter when we are all called up yonder! When the roll is called up yonder I will be there:) God may have me under a gag order but I know He loves me:)  His mercy is fresh every morning so I am depending on that, tomorrow will not be as busy as today was, I did get a lot done:) My sweet friend bought me and Steve pizza to eat for dinner with the tomato salad I had made and it was sooooo good.  hugs and night

If your wondering if I have lost my mind, the answer is yes:)

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