Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh what a day, it went well.

What a busy day, I have juggled work appointemnts all day between getting mother out of UAMS and taking her to Lakewood Plaza.  Mother has done very good, she liked her room, we worked hard bringing in her things to make it feel like home to her, she said she loved it and might live there with us:))) After getting her settled, I had to go to work, Kay stayed and ate with her, getting her ready for the night:)  Pray all goes well and she likes it here at Lakewood Plaza, that she will get stronger and walk the best she can, to regain some of the skills she had before going into UAMS.
 sitting looking everything over:) in her room
 seeing the birds
 her bed
 one of her pics that was here at home, she always looks at it in the mornings, getting a deal made for her door, that say's Jean's Room:)
 Looking at the flowers and vase, saying it is so pretty, these were in her room at home
 The kind of birds here
 Bird House ( inside )

Mother's pic of The Brow on Signal Mtn. and the W, where she grew up
The flowers she was looking at:)  she has a front room with windows looking out to the parking lot and McCain Blvd.  Her address is  Jean Najacht  2323 McCain Blvd. NLR AR 72116 room 105

Still not easy but trusting believing knowing that Mother is in God's hands and He cares for her as He does for us all, I realize it will take her some time to settle in, so far so good:) Thanks for all your prayers. hugs

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